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People of Odisha can witness the rare ‘Zero Shadow Day’ today

Have you ever observed no shadow of yourself under Sun? People in different parts of Odisha are all set to witness the rare “Zero Shadow Day”, an interesting celestial phenomenon today.

There will be no shadow of any object when the Sun is at its zenith around noon. While the residents of Bhubaneswar can observe it at 11.43 am on May 21 and 11.53 am on July 22, it can be seen at Cuttack around same time on May 22 and July 22.

Enthusiasts can witness it at 11.52 am on May 28 and 11.56 am on July 15 in Burla, 11.54 am on May 23 and 12.04 pm on July 20 in Balangir, 11.41 am on May 31 and 11.49 am on July 12 in Baripada and 11.58 am on June 2 and 11.56 am on July 10 in Rourkela.

The ‘Zero Shadow Day’ is a phenomenon which occurs twice in a year. It takes place when the sun is at a 90- degree angle to the Earth’s surface or when the sun is just overhead. This moment makes the person’s or any object’s shadow completely disappear for few minutes.

Arrangements have been made at planetariums in Bhubaneswar and Burla where students and enthusiasts can witness this rare phenomenon and experience science behind it.

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Odisha Zero Shadow Day

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