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Odissi dance to become a subject in Chhattisgarh govt schools

The Chhattisgarh government has planned to make ‘Odissi dance’ as a compulsory subject in all the government schools of state from the coming session.

But in Odisha, the government is not thinking about betterment of our own dance form. Other neighbour states are appreciating the greatness of Odissi and trying to add it to their curriculum.

It has been planned to implement the subject from Class 1 to 5. Sources reveal that the government has taken the step to make the school more interesting and to make the students more expressive, focused and passionate.

Further, in a statement the Chhattisgarh government has clarified that the same concept would soon be applied to senior classes and the teachers will also be instructed to make the concept more effective. As per the curriculum, the students will be given a CD of Odissi dance to learn about its values and history.

Now the government should answer – why we always lack behind in promoting our own culture and inventions; whether it’s Rasagola or something else.

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Odissi dance Chhattisgarh schools

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