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Ollywood album actor arrested: now Casting Couch allegations

Commissionerate police arrested an Ollywood album actor following complaints filed by his wife recently. The actor has landed in trouble for dowry torture allegations levelled by his wife.

Now the complainant said in an TV interview how her husband sexually exploited the struggling actors through ‘casting couch’.

“He lures girls on the promise of giving them break in video albums. He forces them to establish physical relationship with producers by which he earns money from the producers and gets acting roles too. He enters into love relationship with girls and financially exploits them,” she alleged.

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Casting Couch in Ollywood

“He has physical relationship with a lot of girls he has acted with. He forces the girls to have physical relationship with producers and even directors too,” she added.

The actor was arrested from Cuttack after his complainant wife filed an FIR with Mahila police in Bhubaneswar on September 30 alleging her husband subjecting her to torture.

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