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Online puja at Jagannath temple and prasad delivery at home

Now you can offer puja at Puri’s Jagannath temple online from the comfort of your living room sofa or office chair once you log on.

From online puja to delivering prasad to your residence, a host of online portals are offering these devotional services for a price.

Founders and employees of these portals revealed that their target group initially was only foreigners and NRIs, but they have lately been getting more and more requests from urban Indians who lead busy lives.

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Lord Jagannath painting

Goonjan Mall, CEO, onlineprasad.com revealed that how Puri’s Jagannath temple’s popularity increased in the shortest span of time. “We get at least 200 calls everyday inquiring about puja and prasad service at Jagannath temple.”

The charges for the services start at Rs 501 and can go up to Rs 3500. These websites also provide details of pilgrimages, puja-related products and the right time to use them.

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Each portal has one or more local agents in the cities with all well-known temples. Satyanarayan Khuntia, head panda at Puri’s Jagannath temple and an agent for onlineprasad.com said,” I get instructions on my mobile from the eastern zone’s head office in Kolkata. There are 15 junior pandas working under me. We perform the puja the day we get the order and the prasadam is also dispatched the same day.”

All the websites claim that temples are not a part of the process.

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