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Abhijit Majumdar busy Composer of Ollywood

Abhijit Majumdar

Abhijit Majumdar music director Ollywood

If you ask any filmbuff in Odisha – who is the most sought-after music composer of Ollywood now, there is only one answer, Abhijit Majumdar.

His first album was Dhaski Gala, which released in 1991 and was a major hit.

In 1996, he shifted to Cuttack. Finally in 2001 he bagged the film, Kasia Kapila, which again won accolades. Since then he has been lucky enough to be successful. He has never had a godfather in the industry.

According to him, his funda of success is he never says no to work whether the project is big or small and he always tries to give his best. And he never misses the deadline. Perhaps these are the qualities the directors like in him.

He loves to listen music of RD Burman, Salil Choudhury, Yesu Das, Chitta Jena and old songs of Akshaya Mohanty. He is so addicted to music that he even listen to songs of various TV serials and commercials.

His upcoming films are Chauka Chhaka, No.1 Khiladi, Target, Tanka Tote Salam, Hari Om Hari, Daha Balunga, Mana Kahe Love You Love You, Ashok Samrat, Puni Dekha Haba Ara Janama Re, Lal Pan Bibi, and Rudra.

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