Anubhav Barsha

Anubhav Barsha in a Relationship

Anubhav Barsha in a Relationship ?

We are listening for sometimes that there is something something between Anubhav and Barsha, two most eligible bachelors of Ollywood in recent times. But they are not admitting it openly. They are telling that they are just good friends and feel comfortable to work with eachother. But industry insiders’ views are different. According to them, Anubhav is going to marry Barsha very soon.

Actually Anubhav asked Barsha ‘Ama Bhitare Kichhi Achhi Ki’ in Sarthak Music’s movie. We don’t know what Barsha has replied ! But after that Anubhav became ‘Diwana’ for Barsha. Now all are smelling ‘Something Something’ between them. This superhit onscreen pair of ollywood signed Sudhakar Basant’s upcoming flick.

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