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Anubhav admitted his love for Barsha

Anubhav loves Barsha

Anubhav is in love with Barsha

In an interview with The Times of India, superstar of Ollywood, Anubhav Mohanty admitted that he is in love with actress Barsha Priyadarshini. After dodging the media for long, Anubhav talked about his lady love openly for the first time.

“It has always been an open secret. I don’t believe that if I love someone, I need to thump my chest, shout from the rooftop and let the whole world know about my feelings. It’s a deeply personal emotion that has to nurtured with a lot of care”, the actor said.

“I like everything about her. The way she is and everything about her being have impressed me. From her looks to her behaviour and acting — I admire her immensely. The best part is that I love her as a human being. Barsha is one of the best souls I have ever met. Everything about her makes me happy”, Anubhav added.

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