Archita Sahu Facebook Accounts are Fake

Archita Sahu Facebook Accounts Duplicate

Archita Sahu Facebook Accounts are Fake

Some bollywood actors and actresses have official or verified Twitter accounts. But our ollywood or oriya actors or actresses have no scope to be verified in Twitter or Facebbok. Because, our industry is not so big or popular outside. Thus some evil minded people are taking advantage of this situation.

You can take example of popular oriya actress Archita Sahu. There more than one account in the name of Archita in Facebook which are created by some nasty people. After creating the profile, they are uploading some personal pictures of Archita. By which, a general facebook user is thinking that this profile is Archita’s original profile. Some ollywood people are also making friendship with these fake accounts. Because, they don’t know about it.

Now some bad deeds by these fake accounts came into Achita’s notice. So she is preparing to take legal step against these fake accounts or people. Beware! Remove these fake accounts from your Facebook Friends list (just unfriend them).

Archita Sahu Facebook Accounts are Fake – Archita Facebook Profile is Duplicate