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Archita Sahu latest Interview

Archita Sahu

Odia actress Archita Sahu interview

Popular odia actress, Archita Sahu who took part in Miss India contest recently shared some facts about films, her career and other priorities in an interview. She holds a degree in Engineering and now pursuing MBA.

Q – Are you losing interest in Odia films? Most films here are remakes of Hindi or regional movies.

It is sad because we have great filmmakers and scriptwriters here. But if you see from the business angle, remakes are a safe bet and ensure high returns. I have worked in a lot of films that were remakes and I know nobody wants to take risks by being original. However, quite a few Odia films have recently released, which were based on fresh ideas.

Q – Organisers allege that you have increased your price after appearing in the beauty pageant. So, they are approaching lesser-known actresses for launches. Are you quoting astronomical fees?

I have increased my remuneration for films and endorsements. So, some people are unable to afford me. But I am lucky that there are filmmakers here who understand my worth and offer me what I deserve.

Q – You have been romantically linked to some of you co-stars. Have you ever dated any of them?

It is what the media makes it out to be. I am sick of such rumours but I know I have to endure these things as part of this profession. I have no friends in this industry. I don’t even share my phone number with anyone. And for the record, I am single.

Q – Which actor are you most comfortable working with?

Sabyasachi and Anubhav. There are some actors who don’t respect women. But after seven years in this industry, I have learnt to tackle them.

Q – Does casting couch exist in the Odia film industry?

I have heard so, but have never faced such a situation. So, if I say it exists, I might be wrong and if I say it doesn’t exist, even then I might be wrong.

Q – Would you consider kissing on screen or baring your body?

I will never kiss on screen or go bare. Even in the MISS India pageant, I felt awkward in a bikini.

(Source – The Telegraph)

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