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Arindam and Prakruti : Love Fight

Arindam Roy and Prakruti Mishra

Arindam Roy and Prakruti Mishra Love Fight

Arindam and Prakruti have been in a relationship for almost a year now and like any normal couple in love, they too fight and reconcile. There is nothing new in it but Saturday’s incident was a bit serious. If sources are to be believed, Arindam, who had come with one of his friends, was apparently a little high, chilling out at the coffee shop (opposite Ram Mandir in Bhubaneswar), when Prakruti and her mother dropped in to meet him. It soon turned into a heated altercation and Arindam lost his temper. According to sources the incident took place in presence of people from the industry, including Prakruti’s mother.

When contacted, both actors tried to avoid commenting on the issue. Prakruti Mishra said, “I have no knowledge of what happened there,” adding that “I am busy and will talk later.” Arindam too seemed taken aback when quizzed about the incident. He said, “I was at the restaurant and saw some people were fighting, but I don’t exactly know what happened.” (Source – Times of India)

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