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Camps in Oriya Film Industry

Camps in Oriya Film Industry

Camps in Oriya Film Industry – Ollywood

Earlier, there were many camps in the Odia film industry. The camps were there as some directors liked to work with like-minded people. But, that didn’t mean the artistes were confined to any particular camp. They were free to work with other people as well. But these days the scenario is a bit different as the artistes associated to a particular camp hardly show interest in other directors. Many people from the industry think, this is a very unhealthy practice.

Recently Anubhav Mohanty invited the whole of the Oriya film industry to feature in his Ollywood version of the Om Shanti Om song. But everyone noticed an absence of Archita Sahu, Sabyasachi Mishra, Arindam Roy and Babusaan from the shooting. When asked about this, Anubhav told that those actors were not even on his list of invitees!

If we will see these days, there are mainly four camps in Ollywood. First camp is of Anubhav Mohanty who loves to work with actress Barsha Priyadarshini and director Sudhakar Basant. Second is of director Susant Mani who is prefering actors Babusan, Samaresh and writer Bapu Goswami. Third is of Sarthak Films who are making films with actor Arindam and director Sudhansu Sahoo. Fourth is director Sanjay Nayak camp where Sabyasachi, Archita, Priya are present.

Source – Times of India

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