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Ekaa Ekaa

Ekaa Ekaa Oriya Film

Ekaa Ekaa Oriya Film (Ekaa Ekaa Oriya Movie)

Oriya Movie – Ekaa Ekaa – Meandering Reflections
Banner – Om Films
Status – Not Released
Release Date –
Language – Oriya
Genre – Drama (Art Film)
Shooting Locations – Orissa

Ekaa Ekaa Oriya Film Crew

Story, Screenplay and dialogue – Subas Das
Cinematography – Jugal Debata
Editing – Reena Mohan
Sound Design – Namita Nayak
Producer and Director – Subas Das

Ekaa Ekaa Oriya Film Star Cast

Om – Sidhant Mohapatra
Bulbul – Gipsita Nayak
Sai – Ch. Jayprakash Das
Tanya – Adyasha Mohapatra
Chimpanzee – Anwesha Mohapatra
Tanya’s mother – Mohini Silalipi
Satya – Minaketan Das
Ram Sir – Asim Basu
Four Old men – Raicharan Das, Bijayananda Pattnaik, Subash Kar, Sekhar Datta
Child Artistes – Purba, Richi, Papu, Dipu

Technical Specifications

Duration 134 minutes
Language – Odia
Subtitle – English
Shot on – 16mm
Stock – FujiFilm
Print – 35mm
Aspect Ratio – 1:1.85
Sound – Dolby Digital
Censor – “U” Certificate by CBFC

Standard – PAL
Sound – Stereo MIX
Subtitle – English
Duration – 125 minutes

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Ekaa Ekaa Oriya Film Songs

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Ekaa Ekaa Oriya Film Preview

Ekaa Ekaa is a film about being alone in the world and a search for what it means to be a good human being, in the meandering flow of life in its ordinary everydayness. This is the story of Om, a filmmaker who strives to bridge the gulf between his art and life by finding a common basis for both in responsibility and concern for the other. In the process he must confront his own inner exile and contradictions, memory and longing, and the nature of human relationships,. Like the waves of the sea, the ebb and flow of life continues and through it the film essays a journey and a quest.

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Ekaa Ekaa Oriya Film – Ekaa Ekaa Oriya Movie – Sidhant Odia Art Film – Eka Eka Oriya Feature Film

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