Gaur Hari Dastan on Orissa’s Freedom Fighter

Gaur Hari Dastan Hindi Movie

Gaur Hari Dastan Hindi Movie on Orissa’s Freedom

Director Ananth Mahadevan is making a hindi movie “Gaur Hari Dastan” on life of Odisha’s Freedom Fighter, Gaur Hari Das. While Vinay Pathak is playing the role of Gaur Hari, Konkona is playing his wife Lakshmi Das. Konkona’s husband, Ranvir Shorey, is also a part of the cast. But he has nothing to do with Konkona’s character. The director has merged two characters to create Ranvir’s role. In the film, he plays a newspaper reporter. Tannishtha Chatterjee is playing another reporter who also unearths Gaur Hari’s case.

Gaur Hari Das, who fought for four years to free the country from the British rule and had to struggle for over 30 years in free India to prove that he’d done so to get a freedom fighter’s certificate! This is the main story of the movie.

Though Odisha is an important part of the movie, the film will not be shot in the State. They have found locations closer to Mumbai that resemble the old Odisha. This story is very important because Odisha needs to feel proud of the son of its soil. Gaur Hari’s tale started off from Balasore. He had spent 180 days in a jail in Balasore. In the film, Ananth will go back in the flashback mode and recreate the Balasore jail. According to director, it’s important to show what the common man in the form of Gaur Hari was doing when India got independence. They will also be showing the countryside of Odisha in the film though they will not be shooting there.

Says Ananth, “When I had first read about Gaur Hari Das in The Times of India, I had found his story very interesting. The man is a metaphor for the times we live in. He did his bit for the freedom movement and this is what the country did for him. The very people for whom he fought didn’t acknowledge his contribution. That’s the irony of the situation. I understand that it’s uncannily timely to make a film on such a subject in India now.”

Gaur Hari Dastan Hindi Movie on Orissa’s Freedom Fighter Gaur Hari Das Starring Vinay Pathak