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Mu Deewana To Pain video songs

Mu Deewana To Pain

Mu Deewana To Pain oriya film video songs

Bulu and Jyoti Pani starrer upcoming odia movie Mu Diwana To Pain‘s music videos are available now. Film is almost complete and is going to be released shortly. Songs of the film are full movie Alien: Covenant online

Watch title song video from Mu Deewana To Pain here. More videos will be updated shortly.

Music by – Agniraj
Lyrics by – Arun Mantri
Director – Manoranjan
Starring – Bulu, Jyoti Pani, Minaketan

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  1. Mu Diwana To Pain Review :

    Boy loves girl – girl doesn’t even know the guy – girl wants a career (modern girl) – boy does everything to get her attention – reaction: none— girl’s father is stupid and abusive (so that’s the reason I think she hates guys) — boy looses everything in life to prove his love for the girl – still no reaction from girl – boy gets beat not once – girl realizes that I might be in love with this guy – reaction from boy: none – girl meets boy — boy says…. that’s the surprise (watch the movie to know the end)

    Remake of hindi film “Kya Yehi Pyar Hai” (2002).

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