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Ollywood singles about Marriage

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Ollywood Actors views about Marriage

Arindam : Right now I am enjoying my work and not thinking about marriage. It has nothing to do with my career. There is no harm if someone gets married. But for me, being a married man or a bachelor hardly matters. It is how you think and take life. If you feel marriage would increase your responsibilities and you are apprehensive, then you should think twice. Remaining single is not a bad thing if that makes you happy. As for me, I am married to my work at the moment. So, obviously there are no plans of tying the knot now.

Babushan : I surely want to settle down and eventually get married but I don’t think now is the right time. At the moment career is my utmost priority and I believe that marriage has nothing to do with it. And of course being single has its own charm and I enjoy it very much.

Budhaditya : I haven’t yet found a girl for whom I can take the plunge. Majority of the girls today are materialistic and manipulative. About 95% of girls have no clue about our culture. I need someone who is sensible, sincere, concerned, understanding and loving. Importantly she should love my parents so that I can tell her “tu thile mo dara kahaku.”

Archita : Freedom — that’s the keyword for me. Singledom is all about fun and enjoyment. I am more than happy being single. Actually I am too young to think about marriage since I’ve not finished studies yet. But whenever I get married it will be an arranged one since I belong to a conservative family. I may fall in love but without my parents’ consent, I won’t marry. I don’t think marriage can be an obstacle in one’s career. There are lot many success stories in Bollywood which imply that marriage hardly makes any difference when it comes to career.

Priya : I love being single — there is no responsibility, no headache. But yes, there were times when I felt it would have been better if someone was there for me as well. I never take life seriously and I’m not serious about marriage at all. At least not for now… My fans would be angry with me if I get married (jokes). Besides, I have my parents and very good friends who never let me feel lonely. There is also a lot of work to do. But like all parents, my parents too want me to get married, but it is not happening in the next two-three years. (Source – The Times of India)

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