Ollywood Directors’ New Promotion Funda

Preeti Jhangiani, Rahul Roy in Oriya Film

Ollywood Directors’ using Bollywood Names

Ollywood directors have been claiming that they have cast Bollywood actors in their films, with even posters flaunting the names and pictures of the actors. But when the news was brought to the notice of these actors, some said they had just been approached, while the rest don’t have a clue about Ollywood.

Rahul Dev in Aditya The Encounter Specialist

Rahul Dev told, “This is a clear case of cheating. I was appalled when I heard that my name and picture were used in the promotional campaign of this Odia film. They have used a photo of mine from the internet. I will soon be sending them a lawyer’s notice. They can’t just be using my name this way.”

Preeti Jhangiani and Rahul Roy in Gangster

Tanmoy Patra’s Gangster was supposed to star Arindam Roy, Preeti Jhangiani and Rahul Roy. But all the three actors disowned the movie. “I have never been to Odisha and I haven’t heard of this movie. It’s news to me that I am supposed to be doing an Odia film,” Preeti said.

(Source – The Times of India)