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Childhood memories of Ollywood stars

Ollywood stars sunday

Childhood memories of Ollywood stars

Barsha Priyadarshini – When I was a child, my papa used to take care of my Sundays. My sisters, Debjani and Banani, and I were not allowed to do anything until and unless he treated us to a lavish breakfast. On evenings, he used to take us to the Gaurishankar Park where we would pamper ourselves silly by having Raghu Dahi Bada. After returning home, the five of us including our mom, watched movies on the video. Papa also gave us so many chocolates on Sundays that we sisters termed it as our “Chocolate Rain Day.”

Sabyasachi Mishra – While we were children, my brother, and I used to wait for Sundays so that we could watch “Shaktimaan”. Today, it brings a smile to my face when I think about those days when the two of us would wake up in the morning with the anticipation of finding out what our favourite super hero would do on that Sunday.

Archita Sahu – When I was a child, every Wednesday, I used to start waiting for the Sunday to arrive. The best thing about my Sundays was that I could wake up in the morning really late. Then, my sister and I had the license to watch unlimited number of movies on TV. Sometimes, our mom tried to insist that we ought to study but then we had our excuses ready for not studying — Sunday is a holiday.

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