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Recent Oriya Movies are Remakes

Oriya Movies are Remakes

Recent Oriya Movies are Remakes

Maximum oriya movies of recent times are only remakes. Copying is not a bad thing. But frame to frame copy is not tolerable and due to advancement of technology, people have more chance, to know the film remade from which hindi or south film. Thus odia people now avoiding to watch oriya films. Odia films are also not getting recognition in national level for lack of originality now-a-days. But before, the scenario is different. Many oriya films won national award at that time. Thus it is the time to rethink about our film industry seriously.

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  1. odiya film ta Hindi kimba South India film ru copy karuchanti.setiki madhya thick se kariparu ra sabutharu kharap star heuchi odiya film industry ra no.1 star anubhaba mohanty.kichi ta action,comedy,romance,dance’fight aasuni.harami kahinki kamina film bahar karuchhi ?sethi pain mu kebe odiya film dekhe nahi.

  2. All Odiya films are copied from Hindi or South films.Here is no special actor like as Hindi or South actor.Here is no special Dancer in Odiya film industry.So i always dislike and never saw any Odiya film.

  3. “It’s not remake, I would rather say just copy. Now a days, people without film knowledge became overnight film directors and Music directors. 95% of Music directors are picking up tunes from south or hindi and clamming to be one of the best music creator. Due to this only, people stopped listening music and all so called Music Album industry washed out. Now, it time for films – sooner or later it would face the same fate. It’s not like we don;t have good writers, stories in Odisha, it’s lack of creativity, capability and confidence level of directors. Every time when you talk with directors, they say producers are forcing them to copy, but question comes – why so called directors are doing ? If they have confidence, good stories, then definitely so producers will come forward and moreover Odia people love to watch such movies.”

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