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Siddhant expected National Award

Siddhant Mohapatra Ekaa Ekaa

Siddhant Mohapatra Best Actor Ekaa Ekaa

Siddhant Mohapatra won the State Odia Film Award 2011 for Best Actor (Male) for his role in Eka Eka. “I have also won awards earlier but for not for art films. This was the first time I worked in an arthouse film and got recognition. I was actually expecting a National recognition. The movie Eka Eka was also sent for National Awards selections. Anyway it got the State award and I am happy for that,” he said.

“I was very sad when we had to wrap up the film and wished we could spend some more time with the team. It was a wonderful experience and credit goes to Subash Das, the director and producer of the movie. And for the growth of our film industry, some producers should come up who take their work seriously and are true professionals. There must be a proper system of releasing movies. It shouldn’t be like four movies releasing at the same time and incur losses,” Sidhant added.

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