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Unreleased Oriya Movies 2012

Unreleased Oriya Films 2012

2012 Unreleased Oriya Films List

While the year 2012 saw some huge hits, some got a mixed response and some did average, there are also a host of Odia films which were shot, but could not see the light of the day for some unknown reasons.

Mu Ashiq Mu Awara that is already complete and awaiting release may hit the screens in February next year. “I have a lot of expectations form this movie. I wanted to plan the pre-release promotional activities properly and the film got delayed in the process. Since other Bollywood films were supposed to release, I wanted to go slow so that it didn’t affect us,” said actor Sunil Kumar.

Director of Superstar, Barada Prasanna Tripathy said, “We have already completed the final editing and waiting for an appropriate time to release the movie. It got delayed as we had plans to cast Nana Patekar in the climax of the movie but could not get his dates. So, finally we had to make do with some other actor and completed the shoot.”

Producer Ajay Mohanty of Nai Separi Kanaka Gori shares, “I had finished the film and handed it to one distributor, who was supposed to release it. But since they had other movies too in pipeline our film got a bit delayed.”

Director of Tanka Tote Salam, Sudhansu Sekahar Mallik says, “We have already completed the shooting, dubbing and editing but couldn’t release the film as there was some financial issues. Now are planning to release it during February next year.”

The film Hare Krushna Hare Ram, was lying unfinished for two years. It was later sold to another producer Pranay Jethi, who reshot the film and renamed it as Sindura. It is finally up for release. “We’ll be going to Mumbai soon for the editing part. We have plans for a next year release,” said Jethi.

Another flick, Om Sai Tujhe Salam, that began sometime in 2011 is still waiting in the wings. The director sites unavailability of theatres as a major reason for the delay. “There are no theatres available in recent days as lot many Hindi movies are getting released and the theatre owners give priority to them. So we could not release the movie this year,” said director of the movie Biswajit.

Aditya, which had it’s muhurat on August 12 and had plans to feature Bollywood actor Rahul Dev, got shelved due to problems unknown. “There were some issues in our unit which forced us to close down the project,” informed producer Saroj Samantaray. (Source – The Times of India)

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