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Pakhala Divas 2024 Date, Celebrate Pakhal Dibasa on March 20

In 2024, Odia people all over the world will celebrate Pakhala Divas (Pakhal Dibasa) on 20th March (Wednesday). In a move to promote Odia food, the people of Odisha decided to celebrate this day.

Try to taste every Odia’s favourite food, ‘Pakhala’ with badi chura, machha bhaja, saga, baigana tamata poda, alu bharta, amba chatani at least on that day. And if you can, play ‘Asa Jibana Dhana Mora Pakhala Kansa’ by great Balakrusna Das to creat a perfect mood and ambiance!

‘Pakhaḷa’ is an Odia term for an food consisting of cooked rice washed or little fermented in water. The liquid part is known as ‘toraṇi’. It is unknown when pakhaḷa was first included in the daily diet of Eastern India, but it was included in the recipe of Lord Jagannath Temple of Puri. Having varied classifications, ‘Pakhala’ can be ‘Jeera Pakhala’, ‘Dahi Pakhala’, ‘Basi Pakhala, ‘Saja Pakhala’ and ‘Chaiin Pakhala’.

Pakhala is widely eaten in the eastern part of the Indian subcontinent (including Nepal, Bangladesh and some part of Myanmar) among common people. Later the Five Star Hotels of Bhubaneswar included it in their menu and commercialized it to attract the guests, who love to taste Oriental cuisine.

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Pakhala Divas can be spelled as Pakhala Diwas or Pakhala Dibasa or Pakhala Day and celebrated by Odias worldwide on 20th March every year.

Pakhala Divas on 20th March

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  1. Could you please use the correct spelling of “Dibasa”? We are celebrating #PakhalaDibasa. Why should we write “Divas”? Divas is a Hindi word, while Dibasa is Odia.
    Thus, the hashtag is #PakhalaDibasa.

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