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Pakhala Kansa song by Balakrushna Das and Shyamamani Devi

Listen to ‘Asa Jibana Dhana Mora Pakhala Kansa’ odia classic song from vintage recordings in the voices of Balakrushna Das and Shyamamani Devi here.

Song – Pakhala Kansa
Singers – Balakrushna Das & Shyamamani Devi
Lyrics – Kabichandra Kalicharan Patnaik

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The state’s favourite dish “Pakhala” – cooked rice washed or fermented in water, was a trending topic on social media today, as resident and not-resident Odias celebrated Pakhala Divas and shared their stories of their attachment with Pakhala.

This Odia song is based on importance of Pakhala (water rice) in every Odia’s life. Pertinently, March 20 is being celebrated as the Pakhala Divas by all Odias across the world.

To prepare Pakhala, cooked rice is put in water, known as torani which is seasoned with curd and lemon. At times cumin seeds, mint leaves and fried onion are also used for the seasoning. Depending on the palette, a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian accompaniments are served with it to spice up the taste.

Pakhala Kansa song

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