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PM Narendra Modi chats with Odisha startup Grozip’s founder

Recently Prime Minister Narendra Modi chats with Odisha startup Grozip’s founder Ananda Kumar Mishra. For Ananda, it was an ecstatic moment when he got a chance to interact with the PM through video conference.

“There is no dearth of innovators and ideas around us. We should share stories of people who have innovated and invented to overcome challenges. Share such ideas with #InnovateIndia and let’s start a mass movement in the nation. All the big companies of today were at one time a startup, initiated with the idea of entrepreneurship. Innovate or Stagnate should be the mantra,” said Modi.

It was under the Startup India Program that best 40 startups from India were selected for spending an hour with PM Modi. Grozip was one. The event was aimed at forging a partnership between the government and young entrepreneurs from across key sectors of the economy to drive growth.

It takes a lot to build a startup, and more to make it sustainable, reasons why startup entrepreneurs deserve encouragement and appreciation from those around them. And when the inspiring words come from Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself, it can definitely be counted as one of the major achievements for a startup founder.

Grozip aims to build long term economic growth and sustainable livelihood for people in tier 2/3/4 cities of India. We aim to train unemployed youth as “Grozippers” to fulfil a scalable demand supply chain and plan to bridge the gap between the rural and urban sectors, in turn acting as a helping hand in making India digital.

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Odisha startup Grozip

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