Pragnya as Sura Baba comedy video on KBC of Tarang Music

Since Sura Baba is the talk of Odisha now – KBC show of Tarang Music decided to bring in some timely entertainment with this hilarious comedy video.

Comedian Pragnya Ranjan Khatua played the controversial Sura Baba’s role. The character, called Bira Baba alias Pothi Baba is interviewed by Shankar Pradhan.

In this episode, paan chewing Pragnya dressed in a saffron robe answered all questions.

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Pragnya as Sura Baba

Watch this Sura Baba episode, aired on Tarang Music’s KBC program here.

Hundreds of women devotees coming from distant places would wait in serpentine queues early in the morning vying to lap up Sura Baba’s spit collected in a spittoon in front of his house.

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