Prathamastami in Odisha date, wallpaper, recipes, photos, videos

Prathamastami is celebrated on the eighth day in the month of Margasira and is one of the most popular festival of Odisha. This year, Prathamastami will be celebrated on 16th November 2022 (Wednesday).

On this day, the eldest child of the family is honored. He or she is given new clothes to ware, which should be sent from his/her uncle. The ritual includes the mother or any other elderly lady wishing the child long-life and good health by praying ‘Sasthi Debi’.

A special variety of cake called ‘Enduri’ is prepared during this occasion. The cake is offered to the Goddess of Sasthi and then taken by all.

prathamastami in odisha

As per social beliefs, the eldest child in the family would look after the family after the death of his parents and it is the eldest child who has to continue the family lineage.

Apart from its traditional significance, this jubilant occasion is one of the most sought after occasions among the kids as they get to wear new clothes. The entire ambience in every Oriya family becomes exciting across the state on this occasion.

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Prathamastami 2014 odia wallpaper

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