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Prince Dance Group performs at Bhubaneswar Patha Utsav

India’s Got Talent winner Prince Dance Group performed at the Bhubaneswar Patha Utsav, held on the Ram Mandir to Master Canteen stretch of the Janpath today.

While the atmosphere and the surrounding was filled with the spirit of Christmas celebration, Prince Dance Group became the crowd puller with their signature Krishna Dance, with electrifying choreography and earthy composition.

As the sons of the soil from Ganjam with the India’s Got Talent fame descended on stage no. 1 at the Bhubaneswar Patha Utsav, people started swinging to the melodious and rhythmic beats and were speechless as the performers went with their unique dance drama under the leadership and choreography by T. Krishna Mohan Reddy.

Prince Dance Group is unique as the members are from remote locations in Ganjam and most of them are from disadvantaged sections and physically challenged. They have won the hearts of millions of Odias.

During their final round at the India’s Got Talent show, with their breathtaking performance on Lord Krishna and his 10 incarnations one of the judges on the stage, Shekhar Kapoor was mesmerised by their performance. Earlier, during the semi-final event they performed an act with the National flag and it brought them huge fan following across the nation.

Hundreds of revellers witnessed the Ganesh Bandana presented by the artists of the Prince Dance Group led by T Krishna Mohan Reddy in a marvellous way.

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