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Rangabati remix in copyright controversy, legal notice slapped

Rangabati remix version which has gone viral on the internet, has run into a legal tangle after the lyricist and composer of the cult song filed a defamation suit for Rs 1 crore against those involved in the reproduction of the song without permission and in violation of copyright.

On July 3, lyricist Mitrabhanu Gauntia and music director Prabhudatta Pradhan of the original version of the ‘Rangabati’ had issued legal notices to Hindustan Coca-cola Beverage Private Limited, Hindustan Coca Cola Holdings Private Limited, Viacom 18 Media Private Limited through their lawyer for infringement of copyright.

Notices were also sent to music composer Ram Sampath, singer Sona Mohapatra and Rituraj Mohanty, who sung the remix version for the MTV Coke Studio.

Supreme Court lawyer Sagar Pradhan, who sent the notices on behalf of Pradhan and Gauntia, said it is a clear case of infringement of Copyright Act 1957.

Watch: Rangabati remix full video performed by Sona Mohapatra & Rituraj Mohanty

“It has hurt the feelings of not just me and others involved with the song, but the people of the entire Odisha. Several words were pronounced in a wrong way in the remix. No one has the right to fiddle with folk traditions and culture,” said Jitendra Haripal, who shot into national and even international fame for his rendition of the song.

Mitrabhanu Gauntia said the way ‘Ranga’ has been used in place of ‘Rangabati’, it totally changed meaning of the song. While Ranga means the third gender, Rangabati is used to describe a beautiful girl, he said.

“The remix has completely deformed and twisted the original song and it is simply unacceptable. They have shown complete disrespect to our culture. In any remix, attempt should be made to take the original work to new heights not downgrade it,” said Prabhudatta Pradhan.

Sona Mohapatra Rangabati song

Telecast of remix version of Sambalpuri folk song ‘Rangabati’ on Coke Studio programme of MTV on Sunday even after legal notices were issued, has left the copyright owners of the original song shocked.

After the telecast of the show, lyricist of the original version Mitrabhanu Gauntia said, “We are pained and shocked by the telecast of the song on MTV and will take next legal step after consultation with our lawyer.”

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  1. the real behind the rangabati notice is only to get 1crore money.the remix team should get the copyright,but we should not blame them so violently. they did a good job and represented the level of music of odisha to the whole nation.the word ‘ranga’ may be used to sense of remix like in the rangila toka song ‘he he rangrangrang rangila’.it does not represent any sense of third gender.like in odia the word ‘chat’ we may understand to lick, or facebook chat or pronounce as ‘chart’.one question, if they will pay 1 crore for rangabati to the original creators,so to whom and how many rupees they should give for the copyright of bande utkala janani,that part sung by rituraj?think every odia please.

  2. Tame ma*** dala emti hi rahiba
    Kiye jane bhala kale bi ga***re sulu sulu hauchi upari tanka income pain
    Ram,sona emane kete bada singre odia language ra popularity pain kichhi ba*** tomara ma*** bhari paduchi. 1cr na p**a ma*** nku kichhi diani

  3. Please stop yaar. sona mohapata and rutu raj odiya ghar ke bhachen h ranga bati gane ko itna acha tara gaye he unka tarif na karke unka badnam kar rh ho chand paisa keliye..

  4. This is the reason why we are still considered as a backward state. We don’t want to change with time, and if someone does we pull his leg. I am with Ram Sampat, Sona and Rituraj…well done guys. you guys have given a new dimention to the colt song which is close to our heart..

  5. Sona and Rituraj did a very good job, This is one of the best enhancement i have ever seen, Also it’s getting public attention to odisha, we can say it is a start to represent the talent of odisha in front of india, Pravudatta do not sell ur talent , dont became an obstacle for odisha, 1 cr is too much which you don’t deserve. Dont say that it is violating odisha culture , alots of sambalpuri folk songs are there which has double meaning, stop these songs first.

  6. Mohan m****a.. Western Orissa sambalpuriya sala Odisha devide karibaku chakranta karucha…

  7. It was bound to Happen.Murkha loko,copyright mane janicha ta.Copy mane CHORI.Right mane power.Tame original gita ta composers ku dipaisa fhapadi,tankathu written permission neiki gita compose kalani,kie manakala.Bhul process re jiba ebe diya 1crore.

  8. Original rangabati gita ku kehi suni bi nathibe,even sambalpur re madhya sabu suni nathibe.Mu ta nije suni nathili. Gote ete bada show re Odisha ,ta vitare,odiya, puni ta vitare sambalpuri re gita gaichanti. kum se kum Odisha ra naa tike kehi janile.
    Mu janibare Odisha gote Rajya achi boli India ra bahut loka jani nathibe , odisha loka chada. Emane hele rajya ra kichi naa karuchanti. Original lyricist vali paisa matlabi loka emiti kama karuchanti j kehi bi chanhibeni kichi b Odisha paine karibaku.

  9. i am very angry on this kind of idiotic controversy,why should they pay crore if the real song affected than why not they demand for banning the song instead of demanding money,in simple word they just try to fetch money by blaming on the name of sambalpur song and culture and all how stupid thosepeople that they didn’t know its a part of odisha as well they try to point some partition issue .rangabati only plays on barajatri matali dance simply show the ocad of the song but sona and its entire team gave a national level platform to our culture language but they teased all by these nonscence stuff. you are right sona i appreciate you.

  10. I am with Sona Mahapatra and co.The party filed the case of defamation is only intended to come into lime light and earn some money.

  11. @ Partha….abe ghonchu…odisha k hote hue tune kav Rangabati suni nahi tu kya khak odiya he…me from jharkhand …me bachpan se ish gane ko sun raha hun ./..mera dost ..rajasthani..gujrati sabko pata he …unhone v pahle se suni hui thi…tu sale kal ka chokra naye gane k piche rehta he ..folk songs kya hote heyn tere ko kya pata
    aur copy right v 1 chiz hoti hy ..ishi gane ka ishtemal karke wo crore me khelenge ye idea nhi he kya tujhe….dusre k property pe hath dalne se pahle 1 baar permission to le leta yaar

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