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Rangabati by Sona Mohapatra, Rituraj Mohanty in Coke Studio

Popular song of Odisha, ‘Rangabati’ performed by Sona Mohapatra and Rituraj Mohanty in MTV Coke Studio Season 4.

This time Rangabati song is remixed by music director Ram Sampath with ‘Bande Utkala Janani’ song.

In this full video, Sona Mohapatra is singing Rangabati part and Rituraj Mohanty is singing Bande Utkala Janani at last. Some Tamil rap also added by Rajesh-Tony in this awesome performance.

Rituraj Mohanty Odisha Singer

Watch the full episode on MTV channel, which will be telecasted on 5th July (Sunday) at 8 pm.

Thank you very much Rituraj Mohanty, Sona Mohapatra and Ram Sampath for this mind-blowing effort to present music of Odisha on national platform.

Watch also: Original version of Rangabati song

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  1. Going to be next best chart buster . Thanks to Rituraj and Sona Mohapatra who tried to give new life to the world famous Sambalpuri song .

  2. Very much delighted to see the Odia song performed in national level.am a huge fan of both d singers……luv u guys

  3. Really amazing song. Loved it from d core of my heart. Thank u Shona n Rituraj. U both r awesome. I love my Odisha.

  4. I am delighted to hear such a beautiful song.Thanks every body.Bande Utkal Jananni.

  5. Its a nice to listen oriya song at national level and looking
    forward for more songs with mixing of modern musical instrument and our desi instrument like Mrudang, Dhool, Nisan, Mahuri…….etc.

  6. Really awsome. Who would not like to see our regional language flourishing in national level. All thanks to Koke Studio and Ram Sampath for making such a beautiful composition.

  7. Awesome..totally fabulous.It is great to see such a famous oriya song was performed at national level. Both the singers are my favourites (love you guys).Thanks to MTV.

  8. Grt n we r so happy ….that m n Sambalpuria n……dil khus karidela vedio ta…….Thanks. ..

  9. Hi guys I m at South Africa very much pleasure and delighting of joys after watching this Rangabati song in coke studio,
    Thanks all u guys….its trending…!!!
    I m proud for my incredible Orissa.

  10. Thnx to SONA MOHAPTRA Madam and my fvrt Rituraaj….who performed our odia song in national level……..my all respect to RAM SAMPATH Sir…..Bande utkala janani….

  11. b’ful…rangabati rangabati kanaka lata hasi pade kaha na katha.this makes us sambalpuris feel proud! thanks to Rituraj and Sona for this awsm work! <3

  12. RANGABATI has turned to the top now a days ….This western bit has made more beautiful by the troops .

  13. Distorted and awful tamil/telugu rap. Original version of it is soo sweet…

  14. Bande utkal janani is outstanding.
    Sona didn’t do any justice to the iconic Rangabati number. She does not have any idea about the lyrics of the song. Good attempt to show case it in the national platform but it is no where near the original. I am no purist but any amature odia singer could have done a far better job than Sona. Distorted lyrics is just not accepted.

  15. Well, I believe fusin’ such an anthem-of-Odisha-like song Bande Utkal Janani with a son’ like Rangabati is not fair enough. Though the singin’ & rappin’ by both the singers are good but I believe they should not have rapp’d Bande Utkal Janani at least. It SOMEHOW offends our state soully, accordin’ to me. T’ink yourself guys, how would it be if we rap Jana Gana Mana, i.e., our National Anthem & fuse the version with a son’ like Why This Kolaveri Di? Simply, it would insult the whole nation. However, everybody’s mentality may differ. Some, even many, may like the son’, even I may like the son’ but in my senses, the way it has been represent’d on the national platform is indeed not upto the mark to commend.

  16. Lunching of new version of Ranagbati song & Vande Utakal by lovely Sona & Rituraj though is a sensational news and encouraging for all music lovers & odias as well but…. I request Sona & Rituraj to feel proud of being odia by making necessary corrections in Lyrics & pronounciation. It is great insult to all odias & odia culture.
    Dear Sona & Rituraj re record it by correcting the same else all odias can never excuse you.

  17. Awesome!! Loved rangabati part, Rituraj music for bande utkal janani was far behind the original track, could have been better and tamil inclusions were unnecessary. Anyway we want to hear more of oriya remixes.

  18. When I listen the song, I feel very proud as an odia girl because of two jewels of Odisha – SONA MOHAPATRA & RITURAJ MOHANTY. SONA you’re really “SONA” i.e. “GOLD” & RITURAJ you’re really “RITURAJ” i.e. “Spring” . A lots of odia singers are inspired by you. Both of you AMAZING. I also thankful to MTV, SAMPATH SIR who give chance to odia singers to sing odia song in International Level. A lots of Good Wishes from Odias to all of you for your bright future.

  19. I can’t believe sambalpuri song RANGABATI in Mtv coke studio 4………..truly i feel proud

  20. Its not worth of a performance by miss sona mahapatra . . . I am from sambalpur and i know my language n song well . . . She should hv pracriced more to pronounce the words correctly . . . Fusion and remix is a good step . . . n even taking a regional song to national level is a grt step . . . But presenting it the way she did . . . i just hate it . . . Its a insult to the song

  21. i m happy that a Odia song bacame so famous, bt i didn’t like the composition. like other language, odia should be its own identity, it must not be mixed with tamil or telugu. becoz m staying outside Odisha, 90% people says Odisha is in south and a Odiya is an South Indian. And also Bande utkal Janani is our Jatiya Sangeeta, So its not good to made Remix of our jatiya Sangita and compose it with a folk song.

  22. Such a good news
    To hear a Odia song in national level
    Don’t get it political issue

  23. I really thanks to both of u because u both are trying to develop the sambalpuri songs in national level. And I request please u both some other odia songs r signing in MTV coke studio and u both r good job doing for odishaa. Any body can’t hamper your career specifically odisha politics. And I god bless u for your bright feature .

  24. Mu mo jiban re odia ra emti song sunini 1st tym gote song odia ra jota ki mu minimum 50 thara upare suni b ahuri suniba pain icha hauchi rly Sprb jhakas rly u both r great mind blowing

  25. Thnx rituraj&sona mam ur proud of orisa .this song is very beautiful ……

  26. A musical treat to the ears..but as an odia..u feel..addition of vande Utkal janani is a not a good thing. Its an anthem for us and anthems should have protocols and it has to be honoured.

  27. Really amazing n delighted to in national level. Thnaks to Sona n Rituraj, but it would have been better a permission from the original artists n requeat not to remix a state level anthem.

  28. dunia ko nachne mein majbr kar diya rangabati……………………..thanku…all singers

  29. Thanks for D Mtv coke studio present our odia most popular song Rangabati after watching dis sng is awesome I love it dis sng thnqqq very much Mr ram sampath nd all members

  30. Really awesome Performance. Both singer is very good Performance….

  31. rituraj tama song mate bhala lagela ………
    sona tama song mate
    bhala lagela………..
    tama name re police re afiar daye hoae che. .

  32. Thanx. Sona Mohapatra,Ruturaj and Ram Sampath for Rangabati return. Really u r Super

  33. Thanks to Sona mohapatra, Rituraj mohanty & Ram Sampath to odia song in a national channel, but it is not fair to remix odia Anthem Bande utkala Janani with Rangabati song & Tamil Bits, it hurts soul of odia people. SOna & Rituraj should understand odisha’s soul to combine with tamil song before singing itself. it is insult to odisha anthem song

  34. Rangabati song is the world’s best song,because this is the song of odisha,congratulation to ruturaj brother and sona ma’am

  35. awesome remix !! better than original one ! and the best part was the bande utkal janani by reeturaj 🙂 thanks so much guys to lift a odia song to such a height !! 🙂


  37. I am very happy after listened this song.It is very beautiful and also very interesting.Thank you Ruturaj and Suna.

  38. thts gud song….
    nt to be bad effect at odia nd odisha….
    we also proud of tht song

  39. I m so proud of Ruturaj bhai & sona ma’am , because Rangobati song is best song in the world.

  40. Suprb song by rituraj n sona …thy hv gav a new look to th famous sambalpuri song rangobati….

  41. U are truly to be called Odisha’s son. The song is highly Qualitative and u have represented our folk song in national level. Keep it up.

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