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Rs 99 Smartphone called Namotel Achhe Din book online now

After Freedom 251, an Indian company called Namotel has come up with the ‘world’s cheapest smartphone’ priced at Rs 99. Namotel promoter Madhava Reddy displayed the phone “Namotel Achhe Din” at a press conference in Bengaluru on Tuesday.

The smartphone comes with a 4 inch Display along with a 1 GB of RAM and 4 GB of Internal Storage that’s something basic but not possible at this price point of just Rs 99. The device is running on Android 5.1 Lollipop, powered with a 1.3GHz quadcore processor that should be good enough for basic applications like WhatsApp that can be connected with Wi-Fi or 3G.

According to the brand, it will be available for booking from May 17th to 25th May 2016 on the company’s website namotel.com. Originally the smartphone was listed at Rs 2,999 but now is going to be available under this offer price. It is available on a cash-on-delivery basis with nominal delivery charges.

Well, isn’t this a crazy pricing! As if the pricing was not weird they had to name this smartphone with such bizarre word. There are more information that points this is another fake or incapable company like Ringing Bells that would fail to deliver on their promises.

The smartphone segment saw a buzz in February when Ringing Bells launched its Freedom 251 smartphone at just Rs. 251. The smartphone made headlines for a few weeks, and caught attention of the entire world. Freedom 251 from Noida-based startup Ringing Bells however soon lost its sheen.

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Namotel Achhe Din Smartphone at Rs 99

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