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Salepur Rasgulla of Bikalananda Kar preparation video

Watch Salepur Rasgulla preparation video from Bikalananda Kar’s main Rasagola factory (28 kms from Cuttack towards Kendrapada).

Check how machines are preparing tasty brown rasgullas with the help of humans.

The rasagolas prepared by Bikali Kar are considered the best in Odisha.

Bhakta Tripathy of OTV ‘Tasty Tasty’ visited the place and made a video out of it.

Prasanta Kar, youngest son of Bikali Kar is running the organisation now. They are supplying the rasgullas packed in boxes all over world.

Salepur Rasgulla of Bikali Kar

They have also opened Rasagola outlets in Bhubaneswar and Cuttack.

The Odisha Government has set up an Industrial Training Centre, B. K. Industrial Training Centre in Cuttack named after Bikalananda Kar. The institute trains students in both modern and traditional methods of sweet making of over 500 different varieties of sweets from Odisha.

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