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Watch: Sambalpuri folk dance by Russian girls in Macedonia

Russian girls performed the Sambalpuri folk dance in X-DANCE Festival, Macedonia. It is choreographed by Ecolabya Moduli and dance composed by Elena Knyazeva.

The dance is performed by “Odissi with Elena Knyazeva” Dance project and Polina Lavrushkina’s group “SRISHTI” (Moscow, Russia). And the dancers are Mariya Shmelyova, Polina Lavrushkina, Julia and Ekaterina.

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Sambalpuri folk music and folk dance have a special place in the hearts of the people of Odisha. From Rangabati to Rasarkeli and Dhalkhaai Re, Sambalpuri music has always been the genre that makes one get up and dance to its beats.

It is an incredible and astounding sight when one finds foreigners matching steps to these songs. Four Russian dancers bedecked in quintessential Sambalpuri sarees with the local headgear and even alata smeared on their feet are entertaining the audience at dance festival.

Sambalpuri dance by Russian girls

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