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Sarathi Baba ‘palanka seba’ funny video and cartoon clips

Watch Sarathi Baba ‘palanka seba’ (bed service) by beautiful women funny video and other cartoon clips here.

Some news channels revealed that the pahuda lagi (sleeping ritual) of Sarathi Baba was scheduled at 11 PM everyday. As the Baba slept on the bed, young and beautiful women offered him palanka seba while others performed Devadasi dance.

The women for the palanka seva were handpicked by the Baba.

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Another animation video shows Sarathi Baba in jail. Now he is thinking about his lady-love and famous hindi song – lut gaye hum teri mohabbat mein plays in the background.

Srimad Sarathi Baba

Soft traditional music was played inside the bedroom at the time of the palanka seva of the Baba. While two women performed Devdasi dance, other women used to perform the chamara seva.

The Baba, at times, video recorded the Devdasi dance.

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