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Sarathi Baba scandal exposed by Prameya News 7 channel

Srimad Sarathi Baba is exposed by Prameya News 7 channel on Tuesday. The channel aired an exclusive story that could well establish the fact that despite his godly attires, his real self is absolutely in contrary to what he appears.

The television channel showed that the self-styled godman had checked into a hotel in Banjara Hills of Hyderabad in the first week of July with a woman, who he introduced as his wife at the reception counter.

Sarathi Baba has landed into a dispute by his one-time ‘sevak’, Kailash Chandra Mallick. In an exclusive interview to News7, he said that – Baba loves to eat non-vegetarian food with liquor and spends hours with girls.

WATCH VIDEO: What Srimad Sarathi Dev said publicly for the first time on controversy

Commenting on the TV channel’s report, Sarathi Baba said: “It is a well-orchestrated conspiracy to tarnish my image. I am clean. My devotees would continue to adore me as they have been doing for years together.”

News7 also aired exclusive pictures of Hotel Golkonda of Hyderabad where Srimad Sarathi checked in with a girl in question in a Star Hotel’s room no 607. Obviously the lady checked in was identified as wife. His menu included ‘tandoor chicken’, ‘foreign liquor’ and many more.

Tension ran high at Barimula village on the outskirts of Kendrapada town after 10 persons were injured in police lathi-charge outside the ashram of Sarathi Baba on Wednesday evening. Prohibitory orders under Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code have been imposed in the area.

However, this is not Baba’s first brush with controversy. He was in the news in 2012 when he allegedly tried to grab government land for expansion of the Barimula ashram. The villagers vehemently opposed the forcible occupation of their land that had to be vacated following the administration’s intervention.

Before people of Kendrapada requested their MP Baijayant Panda and his wife Jagi Mangat Panda to stop broadcasting of a fraud Baba like Santosh Raul alias Sarathi Baba’s ‘Nitibani’ in ‘Prarthana’ TV channel, a sister concern of OTV.

Sources said around 500 devotees had been present inside the ashram since Tuesday evening to protect the Baba, who allegedly uses cheap magic tricks to hypnotise his followers.

A college dropout, Sarathi, donned the mantle of Baba in the 90s gaining popularity through his devotional concerts in the town. It didn’t take long for his following to swell with people making a beeline to Sarathi Ashram at Barimula village.

More news about Sarathi Baba scandal will be updated regularly here.

Srimad Sarathi Baba

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  1. 1st Catch owner of Parthna channel . He only gave the space to do such things . This is really nonsense from Parthana channel .they have to appolise to pubilc .

  2. thank you for publishing the bedha sarathi baba scandal thankyou pramaya news 7

  3. Thanxxx a lot news 7..please request to police to open secret of vanda sarathi.

  4. Ama odisa police ku au kete prove darakar. News7 Dina 10 ta ru live dekhauchi kintu e parjayanta bhanda sarathi upare kichi action nia hàuni kahinki. Sarathi nijaku pravu Sri Jagannath ku tale pakauchi. Helebi ama dharma anustan sangha kichi kahunahanti. Sri Krishna bhagaban tulasi Patra ku nija munda re stana deichanti, kintu sarathi nijaku kalijugara krusha kahuchi.

  5. BABA ta chutiya banauchi..
    sale News Channel bala kana kam chutiya banauchanti…

    Ruha sale hana khaiba…

  6. Hard punishment darkar. Dayakari odisha basi mananku anurodha je amve biraja khetra. Jagannath dhama basinda, kounasi kalijuga manisha nku bhagabananka sahita tulana karantuni.

  7. hi is stupid baba sarathi bhakton ki paisa aab hajam hoga ish liye mujhe in sab baba se pehele se hi nafrat hai chala tha bhagwan banne insan kabhi bhagwan bana hai na banega ankh kholo bhaiyo aur beheno ye sab baba ko bharosa mt kro plzzzz

  8. thanks for exposing baba sarathi……….i and some of my friend trying hard to expose him by face book………….funally we r happy.thanks to pramaya…

  9. Science has not reached them and they(masses)continue to be superstitious !!!!Good man needed to society,not godmen or godwomen !!!You must be good without looking around who’s/who isn’t !!!!

  10. 5 ru 6 barsha heba thare ama bazar re baba nka prabachan tv re dekhuthili, sethire baba tulasi patra ku tanka pada seva re lagaile. sebe tharu baba nka bisayare jie jete kahile mu biswas kareni, karana tulasi patra jahanku ame anek agaru brundabati vabe ghara agana re rakhi puja kari thau, se tanku abamanana karithile: baba nka bisayare proper investigation kara jai, tanka maya re padi thiba sadharana loka mananku satya ra alok dekha jau.

  11. Good job News 7…to expose sarathi….keep it up….
    we are with your team….

  12. Bhanda baba ku e parjyanta arrest kariparunahi amara police.why?police kan political pressure ‘re achanti ki?we odisha people want answer immediately?mora odia bhai o bhauni mane,mane rakhiba uchit,ame odia,amara prabhu jagannath,amara dharma jagannath dharma,baki kou bhanda babanku biswas karantu nah I.please.please.please please…..

  13. baba is a cheater in the name of God ,he is eligible have hard punishment from the people

  14. Shame on kendrapara police.sarathi should be punished as soon as possible…shame on sarathi shame on&
    Also shame on his fans those r doing argument & comparing him with lord jagannath…can cheater sarathi define the word of GOD…..we loudly say he is a big cheater….if kendrapara police could nt given any action other police of odisha shall be taken the action soon…

  15. sala harami sarathi kahuthila- majhire majhire aa, tulasi patra kha , hari nama gaa, ebe goitha kha…

  16. His appearance and Pravachans casted me doubts about his reality and since long I am waiting when the time will come his reality will come to picture and now became happy only for that the innocent people will be saved henceforth to follow him.

  17. Orissabasi sri jagannath bada thakuranku bhuli sarathiku
    puja o biswas kariba bada papa karichhanti, turanta puri
    jai jagannathanku darsana kari bhul magantu..

  18. I hope there will be a change in the mind of the innocent people henceforth to follow fraud Sarathi. So, once again thank U creating such awareness.

  19. sarathi baba .kahuthila sarir dekh .sansar dekh.au iswar dekh.sala randua sarathi.jadi gotie dina mate power diante odisha govt mu taku khoji khoji maridianti.a sabu politician manankara kama .prathame tar jaha sangare conection a6i taku prathame saja deba uchit.ta pare bhanda sarathiku

  20. Believing these kind of Self made God is same like people were used to believe the ChitFund company. How many time the people will do mistake?please ab to jago……Please believe on yourself and believe on Jagatnnath who is taking care of you all ….

  21. Ete loko ro biswas ku bhangiba wala ku….hard punishment darkar…ei manka pain aji kali ka loko ro dharma uparu b biswas uthijibo

  22. dekha re dekha
    dekha re dekha dekha re vai dekha
    baba khauchi hotele basi
    manusa sange tandoori ruti
    vakata nku lage dukha
    jeans pindha photo
    toki sange se karila rasa
    kahuchi nahni kichi mo dosa
    baba vakate dekha
    jgoa janata jaga…. Thnx 2 news7

  23. beiman sarathi. salaku ghosari ghosari chapalare pita. jhia aau stree mananku kharap karja re entry karuchhi. kichhi rajaneta mananka jogu se aji bahuta agare.

  24. Proper investigation kari doso sabyasta hele, baba ra sabu property govt cease kari jail patheiba uchit.

  25. People who believe on a fraud are equally responsible for his deeds. No man can be God. Whp clsims to be one is merely a Bhanda.

  26. A strong action should be taken against Froud Sarathhi…Media only hv published that sarathhi had caught with a 21 yrs girl…But after investigation i sure that media can find the real physical relationship between them…

  27. Jete Baba, Sete Dhaba. Bhanda Sarathi ra Bhandami ku media expose karila. Hele local loka kebethu tara kala karnama janichanti. The self made salutation of God before the name of this a&&hole should be banged asap. The entire case must be investigated by CBI.

  28. its time to wake up for police admin ,general admin,if they not respondi till now satpal haryana,kurukhetra case will happen who is respnssible for that jago common man jago

  29. its a challenge for police admin.(NOT only kendrapara district police its very shame for odisha police admin and commissionarate police also) whats the next..

  30. Prkrutare e baba manankara kichi bhul nahin. Ame hin semananku upare basauchu. Ame samaste jadi sachetan heba, tebe emiti baba aau create hoi paribenahin. Ya purbaru bhi Asa Ram Bapunkar bisayare janila pare madhay ame ye Sarathi baba nku chinhin parile nahin. Just like Chit Fund

  31. I want seal the all bank account & this temple handover to OTT & pull to jail Bhanda sarathi for life time.

  32. same….pratap jena ur reply on kanak tv about sarati bhonda baba.shoot/khasu imidiate

  33. Thank u news7 sarathi bhanda baba nku girapha karajau news7 tanka prayas jari rakhu request karuchi khordharu tanku protection dauthiba minister. police sethire sampukta achanti baba heuchanti jane lovi manisa

  34. A bhanda baba ku lokanka samnare ghosar ghosari mariba katha. Tu sala manisha nijaku mahaprabhu kuhauchhu. Mahaprabhu ta ek sie hauchhanti Mahaprabhu Jagannath . Mu agaru bhi kuhain jie bhanda babanka bhakta. Are puja kariba ta Jagannath ku bhakti kara. E chorataku kahinki bhagwan bhabuchha. Thanks to news 7. Mate laguchhi OTV bodhe bhanda baba thu paisa khaichhi. Karana otv news re bilkul baba news asuni.

  35. eavali babaank jogu Hindu dharma ra apman hauchi. eavali ka babaanku Fasi danda deba uchit.

  36. sarthi baba ku people mane jionta god boli manu thila.kintu sarathi baba dharma na re business handle kari chanti.tankoro jetki bank balance kori naichanti tankoro kichi problem hobo nahi.sarathi baba setikire se golkonda nuhe sara duniya re mojmosti koriba

  37. Can’t believe still people are defending him and comparing him with lord Jagannath ..
    Not only this they say their baba is equal to 100s of Jagannath.
    What’s wrong with our odia people !!
    After this much of things still they are not waking up.
    I just want to abuse that lame bastard in very vary very dirty language.. and to beat him in public and to make him feel his guilty.

  38. Baba lahanti sarir dekha,sansar dekh,iswar dekha, tebe baba kan khali beautiful girls ra sarir dekhile.

    Hei sanatan dharmi oriya basi apan bichar karantu

  39. 1st thanks ‘ kahibi News7 ku, 2nd ly sabu News reader, & heartly respect janauchi Mr BHABANI MOHAPATRA nku…..
    rajaniti pare satsangha na re ..nijaku bhagaban kahi sarala niriha lokamanaka biswas sahita khelichi “aparadhi santosh raulo” (bhanda sarathi)
    Aaji ame samastye berhampur basi ebon Ganjam Zilla basi madhya News 7 ku sabu news channel manaka tulanare High range , satya ra paradafas kari 33 ghanta dhari o agaku sangharsha satapainee jari rakhithibaru. antarika pranam o dhanyabad janauchu..

  40. yes u r right, 1st of all the govt. should take rigorous action against Parthana Channel. then punished fraud sarathi for life time

  41. mara Katha hela apanka chennal sarathi baba kanka scandal ra pardaphas kala
    swagat jogya. kintu a bhali bhanda baba
    pain solutions kan. mara ketoti questions ra answer darakar.
    1- bhagaban achhanti na nahanti.
    jadi achhanti tahele apananku manibaku
    padhiba je bhuta preta madhaya achhanti jadi bhuta achhanti tahele tantrik upare
    apananku biswas karibaku padiba abanga
    sarathi kanku madhaya biswas karibaku
    tenu jate parjanta loka bhagaban kanku puja kari be kimba biswas karibe sete
    parjanta sarathi baba bhali bahu baba
    srusthi habe aao loka a hi pari thaku thibe.
    contact – 9040728277

  42. Bhai mane ebe ta baba ra bhul, Hele jeun loka mane tanku bhagaban bhabuthile tankara swartha hasal karuthile semankar kichi bhul nuha ki ?, Jeun loka mane anya loka mananku sethaku neiki jauthile semankara sabuthu bada bhul jeun mane jauthile ta tharu adhika bhul, Lokamanku sachetan karagale semane bhabanti se micha kahuchi,Kintu eivali ghatana ta sei manka jagu hauchi ji a sachetan nahei parichi, Kahaku dosa deba thik nuha(police,politics, etc) ,Odisha or bharat basinku anurodh kari bi samaste sachetan ruhantu, Epariki vANDA Baba,Lancha Neba/Daba,Polotics, JEUN SABU BHUL LAGUCHI DUREI RUHANTU,AJATHA SAMAYA NASTA KARANTU NAHI, Jai jagannath…………..

  43. M shocked to kno dis.one gal whom I kno is a die hard fan of sarathi.n she used to call him prabhu n she gets fired if anyone refers him as baba.acc. to her baba r dose who hv gained knowledge on tantra mantra..bt he is d real god jagannath ,Krishna..she says it firmly.her strong belief must hv shattered nw.who knows she still might b arguing in his favour.bt my hsbnd hates his prabachan wen my mother in law watch dis early morning.my hsbnd n my mother in law end up in a fight.ha ha.

  44. D cameraman who shoots dere near prabachan tym..he also had said much before dat evrythng is false watevr sarathi claims himself to b as god.bt it was awaited fr a media outbreak.

  45. Parthna channel owner ra hin dosa, sala tamsa lagaichi, nije magna re channel broad cast karunu, Bhagaban Au bhanda ka dokan, parthana channel…

  46. baba mananka pakhare paisa na thae. jau baba mananka pakhare paisa achhi, se prakuta baba nuhanti, businessman. be aware of them.

  47. Man may b a super man or mahamanav or even great man, but can not b God in any way. Those who believe aman to b God r actually Fools. It is nice that Santosh Roul played with their emotiond

  48. Jin pindha baba chasama lagei kn karuthile hyderbad re. Abhali bhanda ku direct encounter kariba darkar

  49. A sabu bhanda baba nka pachare political party ra hata a6i, so that, tanku a paryanta arrest karajaiparuni

  50. a vali bhanda babanku fasidaba darkar nachet anku sidha rastare gamuchha pindhei godei godei bada and mora odish sarkar and odisa polishnku anurodh karuchi je e vali babanku arest karajau nachet sara odishara lokamane raja rastaku olhei asibe jadi kajyanustan na karanty ta hele ame jansadharankara bada dharanara andolana karibu

  51. Ama bharatara loka mane to dharmandha eha bhabi bhanda baba mane tahara phaida uthayu chhanti. koti koti tanka ro malik hoi mauj masti kari preem dibana bani aram karuchhanti.yanku third degree treatment darkar.

  52. frnds i want to share one thing. i m frm karnatak .before 2 yrs i had cancer. tht time doctr told i will b dead after 6 months. this is my last stage.tht time i saw sarathi deva prabachan in you tube. every day i m praying him and crying while watching video. after 4 months agaain i went fr check up.tht time one miracle happend .doctr told nothing is there . they also surprised.i didnt see Him till now. stil He is only my God.So i m requesting dont go to darkness. plz.if u loss Him second chance will nt come.just do experiment and feel it .dont belief news channels blindly .they can do anything fr publicity

  53. Baba santosh, bhari badmas,
    bhakta mananku kale nirasa.
    Seshare bhakta kahile savihen aasa,
    news7 ku dio sahasa, se rakhiba aama viswas.
    news7 ku aame guhari kalu,
    baba santosh ra gumara kholu.
    Gumara kholile baba santosh, heba nirash,
    seshare bhabibe kahinki kali mu e dosha, bhangili bhakta nka viswas.
    Bhakta mane sabu sapath kara,
    emiti bhul aamara sesha thara.

  54. Priya bhai o bhauni dekha satya kebe loochiba nahi. gote pare gote bhanda baba dhara padibey.eduniare jete bi maha purusha asichanti kehi kahinahati se bhagaban boli.sadabele kahichanti se sebaka boli.kintu ea bhanda sarati kahuthila mu bhagaban.kebala black magic kari loka mananku chutia banaithila.epari bhanda nku phasi heba darakar.

  55. bhanda sharati ra pura polo kholiba darkara.?
    A/C ku size kariba darka ?
    bhanda sharati ra sabu agent ku arasr kariba darkar?

  56. sarathi(santosh Raul) is a vanda baba. se dine na dine dhara padibe eha mu o mo sanga janithilu.epariki jeudina aasaram dhara pdila ame sarathinka bhaktamanka saha baji mari thilu ki sarthi bi dhara padibe.
    sarati kahuchhanti mu educated.tebe tanka padaru mahu bahara kari lakanku dauchanti kemiti
    ‘kebala matra bhagbath geeta Purbru lagu SRIMAD tanka nama purbaru laguchi kemiti

  57. eapri Bhanda baba jogu Hindu dharma ra apman hauchi. eavali ka babaanku Fasi danda deba uchit, evali loko Samaj ra niriha lokonk bhabana sange khelanti, emanku emiti danda deba darkar jemiti anya mane eapri bhul kariba agaru bhabibe.

  58. Prakut bhul janata manankar khali bhand sarathir nuhne dand samaste paiba daekar jeinu mane se bhandku saport karuchhanti barang fasi deba badalare tar sabu ac. Ku band karajau au jouthi jouthi jaha jaha karichhi se sabu mandhy then hat au jibh kati diajau seita hmi best heb life sara bhabuthib au kandu thib

  59. Mora jetedur mane achhi mu Kendraparara Barimoola Ashramaku mora jane Samparkiya Ajnka sahita buli jaithithili pakhapakhi 1995 kimba 1996 masihaakatha. setebele tankara Ashrama gotie Chalaghare chaluthae. Mo ajankasaha mu madhya basigali tankara darshana karibapain. Dekhili gotie khali Chair padichhi Baba setebelaku asinahanti nikatare gotie wood nameplatere lekha achhi Don’t touch me . Mote nijaku kharap lagila kahinkina mora jetiki Adhyatmika Gyana achhi Han Jadi Baba Paramatma hoithibe tebe Sara jeeba jagatata tankari srusti karana Ame sabu Param Pitankara jadi santan au se jadi Paramatma huanti ambhemane tankari santana Atma bishesha au amari hrudayare SEi Anadi Natayana jadi basichhanti Narayana Narayanaku chhuinbare Badhakata keunthi..? Jaha b heu manaku bujhai basi thae Dwitiya drushyaku dekhi manare atishaya kasta mote lagithila taha heuchhi Bhaktamane Tanka padare Tulasee thoi pooja karuthile. Prathamatah mu bujhigali ethaku jeunmane asuchhanti tnkara Adhyatmikata Gyanara abhaba achhi au Dwitiya katha hela Baba Kemiti ei prathaku samarthana kale …? Karana Jeun Tulasse Mahaprabhunkara Sheerare lagiheuchhi Tume emiti kieki Krushna b jetebele Dharaprusthare Manabiya leela karuthile setebele se madhya Tulaseeku upayukta maryada deithile. ” Ambhe janichhu ” Jagannatha j sholakala Tahin kalaru nandabola.’ TebeAe Sharathi Baba kan Shree Krushna au Jagannathankatharu Mahan…? Eipari aneka prashna mora manaku andolita kala au kahaku kichhi nakahi se jagaru mu chali asili au sebetharu aji paryanta mu kebe Barimoola Ashramaku jaeni kimba Babankara kounasi karyakramare jogadana deini.
    Dhanyabaad prathame sthaneeya Patrika ” Bajra Keela” au News7 Prameyaku eipari eka chhadmabeshi Bhanda Babara Pardaflash karithibaru. Au bada dukha laguchhi Police Prashasanarakaryakramaku dekhi. Gote sadharana loka biruddhare hoithile ketebelu ta biruddhare karyanusthana niasarantani kintu mora jetedur mane huye ei Babanka pachhere bahu mustimeya Rajaneta, Abhineta au ucchapadastha adhikareenka hata thiba hetu News 7 Dina 10taru rati 10.30 paryanta tanna tanna kari sabu visual dekhauthile b kounasi karyanusthana Police naneba eka dukhada bishaya Mu bhabuchhi Ei Sarathi Baba jadi Cement Gayeeru Ksheera . Hataru Mahu o Bibhuti o Lahuni jadi bahara karibara kala koushala shikhichhanti tebe eha nischita ambhaku biswas karibaku padiba eha Ingre jala kimba Guni garedi au sei Jantra, Mantra au tanttraku prayogakari badabada Adhikareenka muha band karideinahantita…? Tebe jaha heu Sabusei Kaliara Leea. Se jetebele ichha karibe ae Pari Babanku khub shighra ehara bichar karibe. Jai Jagnnath.

  60. Dear all odisabasi,
    I do not blame first to Me.Sarathi.First i blame to all people who make help him to do that mistake.If a man come and say i am god why we beleive and behave like mad .secondly i blame Mr.sarathi that he plays with all other sadhu’s who really work for us.Everybody have own desire.But for his desireness the good sadhu’s are going to blame.So i request to all odisa basi that do not run after this and do their work in good way.Avoid corruption,respect your elder ,love all people.You will definitely find god in your true work.

  61. ଏ ଭଳି ଠକ ଭଣଡ ବାବା କୁ କେବଳ ମାଡ ଦରକାର .ତା ପରେ ବିଚାର

  62. These All Baba Are R Un Social & Animal, They Play With Human Emotion Because Of Indian People Are So Fool. All Baba Are Just Mth.r F.cker. Just Kick Them By Shoot At Sight Order By Indian Army. All Baba Finished, All Indian Will Be Active & India Will grow.

  63. fasi ya pain kam….. ya bhitare aids virus chadiba darakar…Daily januthiba mu maribi kintu marunathiba…
    kendrapada ra ea kalanka. Rangeela baba …

  64. We all live in fools paradise.We want to get befooled and we are getting befooled by such god man.It seems some of our powerful political persons are also protecting such people. At least today’s comments by some of them confirms this.

  65. a vali bhanda mananku jeu mane samarathana karuchhany tanka semane babanka tharu lakhy lakhya tanka lancha neuchhanty tenu mora anu rodhje babanka sahita emananku arest karajay

  66. Kill Them By Shoot At Sight Order By India Army, All Property Are Immediately By Indian Army & Take It By Indian Army.

  67. a vali vanda baba khali odishs kahinky sara bharata barsa pai kalanka tenu mu odisha sarkarnku anurodh karuchhi anku kotharu aty kothar danda diajau

  68. All Indian Are Simply Very Very Fool, So These Kind Of Unsocial Animal R Born, Indian Govt Should Give Right To All Indian To Kill These All Baba in Public By Cut Their Body Part (At Last Head)

  69. jadi sarkar anka birudhare kichhi action na ley ta hele ame vabinemu je sarkarbi tanka hatare ame janata kichhi nuhe ame khali ankari hatare nachuchhanty

  70. Sarathi the fraud…now the time for the sarathi suppoters to think abt it……and justify which is ri8 and which wrng….pls yaar ab to sudhar jao….keep distance from this bhanda baba……

  71. Sarathi vhanda baba tu kahinki amiti kalu sesare aia kalu mo Bou ra biswas ta vhangidelu kn pailu kaha ..Tate ki danda dele tu khusi baba kaha..

  72. Mu gote katha kahibi ,,khali sarathi baba ro dosa naheen aamebi Dosi kaheen kina aame Bhogwan kahibaru sina se Bhogaban hela aou taro khayati badila ,,,,tenu all odisha basiku Aanuradha karuchi andhabiswasa ku chadantu aou se Bhanda sarathi ku jail jibar bebastha karanthu karano Epari lonkaku aamo samajare Rahiba kaounashi Aadhikar Naheen ,,,,jai jagannath

  73. sarthe baba ku jeumane sapot karuchante semane semankar jhia .striku pathu thile ratrijapan karibaku pakha ku pathu thela sethipaei arest habapaei ate derihauche.

  74. i have nvr blvd this fake sarathi baba.how someone can think a man god if he z self proclaimed proudman.he doesnt have the personality which indicates that he possess some spiritual power.he is really a very cunning fellow should be punished at any cost.Heartly thanks to news 7.U have really done a great job really praise worthy

  75. Emiti sabu frod baba mane aei bharata re kana pain thanti???…….
    Kain aau kaunashi deshare ta emiti baba nahanti??

    Bhanda sarathi pari baba manaku uchit danda milu tebe jain aama desha aagaku badhiba.

  76. This type of people are responsible for disgracing Hindus and our Jagannath tradition. That self styled god says he is solely responsible for creating and rising the name of Kendrapara. like no one knows about Kendrapara being a Tulsi Kshetra abode of Lord Balabhadra.
    And a word to my people of odisha, be a believer and lover of the real God who created u not a blind believer and a God fearing people who you created.

  77. Vanda sarathi e pryanta kan pain arrest heinahanti.I want to know a thing j Otv jaha b tk hele instant show up kare but ete bada khabar ku e paryanta importance kan pain deuni maybe Mr baijayanta panda sarathi baba nka saha involve achhanti kebala se hin vanda sarathi baba nku highlight karichanti prarthana channel through re and sehin kandrapara ra M.P.so sethipain may be sarathi baba nku arrest badalare protection diahaauchi.

  78. bhagaban michha…..
    baba michha….
    dharma michha….
    gotie matra sata, seita hauchi je e maikina gosthi nka galu maruni boli semane e sabu bhanda dhanda re pasuchanti aau nija ghaita mananku bhakua banei para purusa sangare darenare habaku sujog khojuchanti. anyone who believes in any form of god is an idiot and a roadblock on the path of man’s quest for truth and a better society….

  79. sir mu k
    Jane kendrapara pila mu apananku call Bi Karachi .gote katha kahuchi apana pacharantu apananka asharamru ratio 12 gote re jhia mane baharanti barimula rastaru kendraparaku tanka saha kichi aghatana hele daye kie mu Bi dekhichi rati barata re semane jibara aghatana Bi ghatuchi kintu taku chapai dia jai …ta pua kichi Sanga saha cigrate taniba cmt karibara najir Bi achii ….e katha thare pacharantu

  80. mu bhabuchhi prasasana pura dai rahiba karana sabu kichhi jani ana proof jani ki madhaya kichhi action neu nahi.Sarathi baba ku aji tharu kehi pachariba uchita nuhe.

  81. its a matter of shame to our motherland where such type of devil exist in the name of god…no doubt i straight away blame to those fools who get subverted by the wrong preachings of sarathi…….it makes me feel bad about those fools who prioritize the position of sarathi in kendrapara. its wrong belief and support of people only which made sarathi dare to make fun of god. the saddest part of present moment is about wrong belief i.e man searching god in stones ,statues and fraud like sarathi baba by forgetting basic principle i.e god always exists in his consciousness and soul….so belief in yourself and stay away from fantasy world.god help those who help themselves..

  82. If our administration want to any punish Sarathi baba , I think 1st must be punish to his all are student
    Because they are obey him & pray him as a god

  83. Dear news 7team since 4th August we r unable to connect u…we r from angul district when we r trying to connect its disconnected..we have some opinion we want to say something about this bhanda sarathi… ….

  84. mu jane sadharana pila mora ta bises kichi knowledge nahni adhyatmica bisaya re jetiki bi achi sethiru mu janichi je bhagaban jetebele rama abatar neithile setebele se kebe bi prakash karinathile ki se bhagaban nka abatar boli, au amra baba sarathi jadi bhagaban nkara abatar tahele se kemiti kahi paruchanti ki se bhagaban boli ,au nija pada re tulasi patra jiaki jagannathankara mastaka re sobha pae .tahele eia kahara abatar ,eia kan jagannath nka tharu bada, mu jebetharu eai bisayare sunichi birodh kari asuthili au mora biswas thilaki dine nischaya ehara satyata baharaku asiba ,karan bhagaban kebe kahara garba sahi nahanti. jahabi heu mote bohut khusi laguchi je sata ta samnaku asichi.au jou niriha lokamane tanku prabhu boli bhabu chanti tanku mora anurodh ki dayakari emiti bhanda mananku prasaya na diyantu.

  85. I don’t believe any baba..Sarathi is a big fake..wrong number also…i really hpy nd give thnx 2 news 7 published ths news ..i nd we al support ths channel.
    Nd i rqst 1st arrest fake sarathi nd punished him…do it 1st..nd try 2 arrange more evidence….jo iss kamine ko fasi ki fande tak lejayeeee….aur sari ki sari blck money ko bajyaptii kiya jayee…thnx news 7


  87. Now kali yuga is running.So such baba is very common.It is the light of divine knowledge which can show us the real path to run in the spiritual path.Sarthi baba is a magician and by this trick he fufilled his all illict desires like other materially inclined people.He is definitely a bhanda and willbe punished by the state laws and by the law of Nature.No body can save him.I had met him personally one day and from that day itself I knew that he is a 100 per cent bhanda .

  88. News 7 ku mu dhanyabada janauchi and odisha ra samasta lokomananku mu etiki nibedana karuchi je Bhanda Baba Santosh Raula / Sarathi Baba nku police and prasasana samasta tathya sahita arrest karu, ta hele aama jana sadharana santire banchi paribe and thaka mananka dauru rakhya paibe . Jadi prasasana and rajya sarakara ehara kichi samadhana karu nahanti ta hele samasta tathya kendra sarakaranku diajau se crime branch tadanta paini nibedana madhya karajau. News 7 ku mu etiki kahibi se Golkonda hotel re thiba odia staff jou mane bhanda baba sarathinku chini parithile semananku and se jhia Rojalini ku samna ku aani sathik tathya police ku janeiba paini moro anurodha and Golkonda hotel ra entry gate and reception ra cc tv photage check kariba paini moro anurodha.

  89. Thanks to news7.mera a kehna ki hamari polish prasasan ko singham returns and bhanda baba sarthi ka bhakt ko oh my god ,or PK film dekhna chahie.dhickar he wo jindegi jo politician ko dar ke kuch actihanks to news7hon nehi lete hain ,age se paristhity bhayanak hoga B.j D sarkar ka agar koi action nehi lie to.navin ji ke upar hamari varosha he wo is baat ko gehraise le or bhand babako kadise kadi saja de taki koi ok niskapat jansadharan ko khilona na samjhe.

  90. dear monaj please check the conference of sarathi on date 5/8/2015…jete bele se kahile kendrapada ro namo tanko jagu badhichi tapore se kahile jodi future re duranmo paibo tahele sarathi pain………

  91. Baba pavachana dei , lokanku thaki jete tanaka income kariba katha kale. Koti koti tanka tanka pakhare , tahele se kan sabu bele pravachana debe ? ebe romance time and he has earned enogh…time for full romance…girls…party …liquor ….Jai jagannath…

  92. khali deha dekhai aau kete dina nijara lalasa aau kamana ku chapeai rakibe, sethi pain bhavile , ete tanka thai labha kana jadi my ehara enjyment nakaribi…..sethipain bhabile , already mo pakhare jete tanka achhi , sata janam jaein enjoy karibi…loke jaha khuchhanti kuhantu , mora dhoooooo……jai Jagannath

  93. Baba nuhe se Bhanda
    Odisha basiknu Sakhyat Prabhu Jagarnath milila pare mandhya bhanda baba mananka chakrabihu re prabesha kariba uchit nuhe baba mananku Bhagaban manuthiba loko mane Prabhu Jagarnatha nka pakhare dosi hoithanti ta satye Prabhu samstanku khyama deithanti tenu Prabhu Jagarnathanku nijara asta banao aau tankari nama japa kara ……………. bhanda mananku bhagabana manantu nahi……..
    Jai Jagarnath

  94. public ke samane chhod dia jaye sale kuta kamina ko…………sarathi baba ko nahi sare baba ko koi sahi nai he

  95. prathame mor news7ku dhanya bad deuchi karana e vali eka vanda pasandi and ku budhi babanka mukha kholi thibaru and mora anrodh e bhandara jete kala karnama achhi sabu ku bahar karajau and mora au gote katha khali news 7pari sabu news chanel eha upare tadanta karantu and a bhanda babanku kothar danda diantu

  96. a vanda mananka pakhare koty koty tanka achhi jaha phalare polish and sarkar anka hatare achhanty lakhya lakya tanka neuchhanty jaha phalare emane babanku samarthan karuchhanty

  97. I watch news 7 continuously for last two days about the activities of Sarathi Baba. Lot of comments have been received from different locations of the state. My point is that why news7 is not taking steps to collect the detailed visual along with information from Hotel Golkonda about Sarathi from the date of check in and check out . I think the visual relating to sarathi now displayed in the TV screen is not sufficient at all to attract the general public to raise their voice against sarathi.We should display the picture at the time of booking the room,the waiter who served the dishes to sarathi and other related activities taken up by sarathi at Golkonda Hotel,hyderabad. May I request you to please take expeditious steps to collect the detailed visual from Hotel Golkonda,hyd with the assistance of State govt.? this seems to be very serious crime and offence. Also try to collect other illegal visual or photographs from the employees those were closely associated with sarathi, now raising their voice against sarathi.regards

  98. Dear sir,

    We should go for collection of more information about sarathi (santosh Roul) from his childhood to till achievement of this kind of huge property. One major point is land scam. How sarathi could be able and permitted to possess a vast land at kendrapada without the knowledge of the local administration ? Changing version from time to time leads his inability to prove him as a gentle man. We should keep continuous attention about his activities unless and untill he is arrested. this will be bright example before the general public after his arrest and the people raising their hand in his support.We should bring this fact to the notice of the Hon’ble Chief secretary,Odisha for his interference.

  99. sarathi mahapravu gosain…
    prasasan padichanti ki soi…
    Hele Loko mane uthileni chein….
    News7 ganamadhyam pain….
    Mo taraf ru ases dhanyabad apan manka pain….
    Ebe sarathi mahapravu tuma pain…
    Janina ki sata ra abasan nai….
    Kala karma kala bela kalia mane padila nai….
    Tame para mahapravu gosain…
    Tebe abastbe pada ru madhu jarao kain….
    Madhumeha re akranta hua ba kain pain….
    Ebe police prasasan apan manka pain….
    Jadi sachotata apnamankara chhai…0tebe apekhya kain pain….
    Sarakar padichanti soi…
    Jadi sata jani gulami karibku padai …
    tebe chakiri chadi dauna kain….
    Laguchi apan mankara mahapravu bodhe sarathi gosain….hmm

  100. sala odisha re jeta baba achanti sabu bhanda babanku sarcha karaju…

  101. Prathame asesa dhanya bad news 7 ku ebn tara samasta karma karta manku. Mu 3 day helani news dekhu6i .. Hele ama sarakar nkara kaunasi pratikria nahin … Enu apana manku mora gote request j apna
    “ethara ama vabi sarkar baba satrathi ebn sarakar sajibe dibya bharati” ehi msg ku jadi news ra headline karante tebe hueta prasasan ra nida vangijanta…. Jadi apanmanku thik laguchi tebe…

  102. Emanku murder kara emanka sahita atach thiba neta au police ku arest karajau nahele public tanku kima karidebe

  103. Prakutare ahar tadant kara jao,Baba satare jadi doshi hoi thanti ta hele tank prati kathora dand bidhi nia jau,Nijaku bhagban kahi lok manku je bhabe thaku chhanti bhagban thanku kebe map karibe nahi.

  104. At first thanks to news 7 channel and Mr bhabani & manoj.
    Wo hamaram khor ko sare aam public me pitna chaiye. Aap ne usko bhanda Sarathi bolke Acha kiya…
    Thanks bhabani & news7

  105. sarathi baba and miss Rojalin mallicknkar new nabakalebar chalichi.Thank u news7

  106. Bhanda Sarathi ku direct arrest karajau; news7 ku anurodh se jebe bbsr airport ru Hyderabad jaithile saidinara cctv video airport ru sangraha Kari tanku chora boli pramana karajau.

  107. sarathi babaku fasi dei dia. lok mananku bhagaban kahi thakuthila. cora, lafana, rand baji, madua, etc. kill this gey.


  109. singecture & chicken baba + lady + our govt BJD =sarathi baba. E babanku emiti danda milu jemiti aau kehi baba hebeni……:


  111. Police kn pain bhanda babanku protect karuchhanti,auu kn pain police nku bhanga ruja pain kie permmision deithila tara detail media aga ku asiba darkar.Au sehi police nku dhari suspent saha losses ra purana pain order dia jauu…
    Thnks 4 News7…

  112. Congratulation news7 team , good job carry-on. Wish u all news7 team members.
    Tomorrow our president is coming to odisha visit puri to see lord Sri Jagannath tample pray God. But sarathi Fan’s are say his sarathi is God . why police don’t arrest him

  113. frnds one thing i m feeling here.if i will give bad news about sarathi deva then that comment suddenly posted.bt if i will give good about Him, then it is showing ur comment is under moderation.nice plan fr publicity news 7. bt it is nt long lasting

  114. Don’t believe anybody neither Bhanda baba nor News7 channel…To gain overnight overnight popularity , they will do this sting operation and get popularity and black mail the culprit …If news7 has all evidence , then why they are showing trailer not all video coverages ? If news7 provides all evidence , then Bhanda baba can’t tell all allegations are framed to defame him……Jai Jagannath….

  115. sarathi baba(Santosh Roul) e jeun kama karichanti bahutvninda nia ghatanav.bhanda sarathi ku jaldi giraph kara jau . Police jeun kama karuchi pura puri bhabe jana padi jauchi j se police posaka tale gotegote ssrathi ra kukura….. o se Sp gote dalal bhali kama karuchi…. se Sp sarathi ra JARMAN SEPHARD bhali kama karuchi. se sp ku madhya jera karajau ebang taku ta padabi ru bahiskara karavjauuuu……. Gote main point odisha chief minister kia SARATHI na MAnya bara NABIN BABU …… ame bhabuchu kendrapara police nka pai sarathi hin chief minister specially se sp nka paiiiiiii. kendra para police sarathi ra kuku ra bhali kama karuchiiiiiii……

  116. odisha crime branch kebe be bhanda sarathi ku dharibaku success habani kahinki na jaumane crime branch team re jaichanti semane chora, semane bhanda sarathi ra chelha, tenu a case ku CBI ku diajau. athire kendrapada SP, collector,bada bada netanka bahuta hata achi.cbi ku dele sabu parda phas haba.

  117. Thanks for pramaya news7, apanka aea prayas jari rakhantu , baba areste heaba paryanta, apanku dhanyabad jea jea pura proove khoje bahara karichanti,au police sp ra amite dru byabahara ,madamariba, ae khabar loka lochana ku anntu,vanda sarathi ku fasi deaju ,ame janichu je kendrapada police pura babanka sahita hata acchi,mu anulodha karu che jea babanka sata pramana saha babanku areste kalea ambha rajy rea haeuthiba amite kala karenama sudhurijiba,apanka pryas sabu bealea jari rakhantu.

  118. ଆଜିର ଘଟଣାରେ ସାରା ଓଡିା ମର୍ମାହତ ୤ ଓଡିଶା ପୋଲିସର ଅମାନୁଷିକ କାରନାମା ଆଉ ଶାସନକଳର ସ୍ଥାଣୁତା ଦେଖିଲେ ଆମ ରାଜ୍ୟର ଦଶା ସହଜରେ ଅନୁମାନ କରିହେବ୤ ଏଠିକାର ପ୍ରଜା (ଓଡିଶାବାସୀ) ବି ବୋକା ଯେ କି ଅପାରଗ ରାଜା, ଯିଏ ଓଡିଆ କହିପାରିଲା ନାହିଁ କି ବୁଝି ପାରିଲାନାହିଁ, ତାକୁ ଶାସନଗାଦି ଧରାଇଦେଲେ୤ ବର୍ତ୍ତମାନ୍ ଆମେମାନେ ଭୋଗିବାନି ତ ଆଉ କିଏ ଭୋଗିବ? ଗଣମାଧ୍ୟମକୁ ଧନ୍ୟବାଦ୍ ଦେବା ଦରକାର୍ ଯେ କି ଅନେକ କଳାକାରନାମାକୁ ପଦାକୁ ଆଣିଛି୤ କିନ୍ତୁ ଆମ ସରକାର୍ କୁମ୍ଭକର୍ଣ୍ଣ୤

  119. Se bastard santos ku jel nuhan fasi darkar and se sp ku bich rastare godei godei badeiba darkar ,taku rastare aantei rakhi lanka dhuna darkara se maruni kouthi

  120. Plz”News7 editor “secret”my email thanks”mu prathame kahuchhi je. ..sarathi ta sure ” fashi deba uchit. .sabuthu urgent katha ” ta sangare jeun mane achhanti semananku madhya jail hau nihati bhabare. .au gote katha jeun pari bhabare loka mananku au ama maa bhali mamata satapathy mam nku giraph karuchhanti tanku jatha sighra chhad ebe and ” KENDRAPADA”SP : ku suspend and jail nischay. .BHAND SARATHI”AU TA PUA RA DNA TEST KARAJAU, AND HYDRABAD CCTV FTZ ANAJAU. .Namaskar”BHABANI, BIBHUTI, SRIBASYA, MONAJ, DEEPAK ALL BROTHER. & All member …Thanks news7, ..

  121. very intelligent this baba ……Sarathi is a big
    fake..wrong number also…i
    really hpy nd give thnx 2
    news 7 published ths news
    ..i nd we all support this
    channel….all proves are published in this prameya channel but why not arrested fake sarathi …..

  122. This endeavour of prameya news7 should continue till the entire process is completed .

  123. log kitne andha viswasi hain hamare pas bhagwat gyan j sa adbhut gyan hai lakin hum is adbhut gyan ko bhula k baba ka viswas karte hain jo ki hamare j sa ak sadharan insan hai mila kya baba ji ka thullu?

  124. e bhali BABA ku nasta kari diajau pls taku jaldi arrest karantu news7 KU koti koti juhar……….

  125. Meny thank to news 7 for exposing santos raula.chora chandal chamar kukura vedabadea ku godai godai hana baba salaile kan kala say

  126. Se bhanda Sarathi kouna arest haba… Police prasasan kan karuchanti… khali sadharana lokanku badauchanti… Baba ku ghanta ghodauchanti…

  127. As per indian law first arest to him and hanged .se kebala setiki nuhe amiti 420 kama karichhanti jahaki tanka priya bhakta ka sahita , putra santana pai aneka mahila manaku uparaku daki phunkati kintu tankara husband ku tale rahibaku kuhanti kan se peta bhitare pasiphukanti ,Finaly thank u NEWS7. continue all of us with UUUU……..

  128. Jetebele vondo sarathi ku arrest koriba kotha uthila police khojila F.I.R ,au kohila ki without f.i.r ame kahaku arrest koribu nai bt jetebele mamata madam nku polise arrest kola kie f.i.r deithile actually se jou s.p thile se baba nko jone voda tia gunda thile.poisa khai rohithile.khali chapal mado drkr.

  129. thanks for odia news 7
    but aapananku anurodh prathana channel
    re vagabadgeetaa au vaagabata ra prasaarana karaajau.
    kaunasi babamananka brabachana prasarana karantu naahin karana ehaa baba maanankara loka sangrahara ea eka maadhyama ate.

  130. Se sala Sarathiku gote condition re chada jiba. Jadi se maniba je se sex kari6i boli. Baba hela boli tar kan icha mana boli kichi nahni na kan au….,

  131. Se bhanda ku fasi dia jau…aau se S.P ku padabi ru suspend karajau…& ta birudhya re karyanusthana grahana kara jau.

  132. what is this happening for a news channel baba sarathi(bhanda sarathi) become culprit ,policeman coverted to terrorist,kedrapoda sp replaced, i think we must support news7odia to clean and kickout corruption from odisha …bandey utkala janani….. thank you news7

  133. sarathi Jane bhanda baba.se lokanku daha michha komola katha kahianeinie.she arrest hoi jani bahut khusi laguchhi.thanks news7

  134. i knew well that he was a supper frod . he has many more ladies family. all ladies were mad about him those are nothing only for his luxuries. one of my friend was cheated by him. but she had no courage to stand for justice though police is of him.

  135. barambar aaji ra dunia re emiti ladies mananka saha hei aasuchi. kintu semane dariki kichi muha kholunahanti ki kahunahanti. sethipai aame kichi matrare dai ta aame sachetana heba aabasyaka. aau ye bhanda ku uchit danda na mili le aame aamarana aanasana karibu.

  136. jagannatha nkara rasi nakhytra sabu chenge hei jaechi thakura vartaman mlecha songhara karebe .prathama pali mlecha sarthi ra

  137. Really baba ka r jeteki bhul achi ta tharu ama lokamanaka bhul fast sikhaya re sankar anajau andhabiswas too manisaku durare rakhajau arthika manadanda thik karajau pilamanaku guru kula ashram patha pada jau..samasta hindu manaku aka karajau dharma kahile akamatra Mananab dharam.

  138. News Chanel manaku mora anurodha a anda dia school pathapada bandakarajau orissa re jete school achi gote prakar silabus heu .English medium school bands Kara Jay.

  139. Bhagabanka upare biswas rakhantu.E bhanda babankathu durare ruhantu.Dine na dine jiban sarthak heba.

  140. lv u bhabani sir…u r jst awsm….u r presentation skill ..jst suprb and good luck for news 7…..

  141. plz…,bhanda sarathi ku ta danda miliba but police babu mane jemit ama loka mananka upare jevali atyachar kala tar danda nihati abasyaka

  142. E bhanda babaku chuna kali lagai gaan gaan bulaiba katha, khali arrest kale hebani………

    this success goes only News7 & & voice of people

  143. Also it should be checked whether this idiot’s name appears in any of the text book as great saints (ODISHA RA BISIST SADHU) of orissa as like fucker asharam’s name came in a rajastan std III text book!!!

  144. Thanks a lot to news7 & news7 team… mun jaani baku chanhu thili ki apana kahu thile aahuri madhya vanda sarathi nka upare bahut kichi prof achi jaha aaga ku aame dekhai bu… apana nka pakhe aau jaha b prof achi se sabu aau show karibe na nahi..? but in short now i say in young generation language ….
    vanda sarathi shoked 😮
    news7 RocKs 😉 🙂

  145. thanks to lot to news 7 for expose to bhanda sarathi,

    Mora sabhi oriya basinku parthana ze se konosi baba manaku biswas nakari sara biswara bhagaban prabhu jaganathnka prati bhaktirakahtu, au mu anurodha karuchi ze se kebala ahi sarathi bhanbaba nuhen sansarare jete sabu ahi pari baba achanti tanku dahara zau,

    jai jaganath

  146. Bhanda Sarathi …bandalua
    NABIN SARKAR….Murdabab
    Kendra pada police..sarathi chamcha

  147. Emiti thaka baba ku thiki danda milichi kintu bahutu late re milila rojalin ra kana haba kendrapada puruna sp ku kana danda milichi sarakaraka pakharu dekhibara achi

  148. please donot victimiz the lady student with him.ok she may have Little unconcious but what about this rascal.just think what would be condition of a parent who is a follower of sarathi who may have children of age between 18 To 25, This nonsence activity has imbalanced our society and destroying peace.he is encouraging negetivity in youths like sex scandel pornclips etc.a baba self claimed god who donot want to see the world beautiful .not like that his followers should live in peace

  149. Bhai mane dekhantu …
    “Kukura languda modi modi ki,
    haucha tame attha ;
    jau languda ku sei languda ,
    kari parila ki siddha ??
    naa ta tora kete badhia,
    tu ta BABA para,
    hele jau kanda karilu tu,
    padigalu tu dhara !!!
    Hele re priya bhaktagana bhai,
    sunitha au mo katha bhala se,
    emiti kukura ku chhepa paka,
    dekhare , , KANA KALAA SE !!!!…… KANA KALA SE !!!!

  150. srimad sarathi bhagaban kayhi balae kahinahati ja mu bhagaban boli kintu look tanku bhagabanara daraja dayechanti jadi see bhanda tahale sey aamo manaonku to kichi kharap upadyso dounathile se kahuthileje tome eahi kolli jugare kanasi yako bhagabanra aasrito nabapai .drigha 20bars dhari se louka manoku jadi bhalobatre nabata hi tankara bhulo tahale odissha basi manaku mor onuradh ki jadi tome tanku bhagbano maninopar taahele tanku abhali katu katha coment kar naa hi plz plz

  151. Jadi sadharana loko kaha saha frod kare tebe taku i.in sange sange danda die but bhanda sarathi ki 3 dina pare remand ku nagala taha bi Police protection se se bhali loko ku fashi dia jiba darakr se bhali loko desa pain ninda khali ninda ta pachare pura system paisa nei taku banchau chanti ,mu aapnka NEWS7 ku nija hudaya saha dhanya bad je aapna mane thaki na jai aapanka prayas jari rakhi thhile mu apanku thanks janauchi my aapnku bahu thara phone joge katha hebaku chahuthili but phone lagu nathila ,aama jana sadharana ebe bi chahuchi aapana aahuri danda deba pain chesta karantu aapnka sathire public aachanti aapnaka sathire bhagaban achanti kintu taku Uchiti sasti milu aapnaku etiki anu rodh

  152. Dear news host,
    Why you want to copy from national language hindi news channel. U know how odd u r performing..This is big robbery/scandle u can say. So my request is to u that please explore the things infront of society and general people of Orissa. Dont try to lengthen the topic. Be specific and tell the truth of fraud baba.

  153. Jagatara Nath JAGANNATH acchanti TA Amara au KEhi Bhanda baba nka ra darakara nanhi.


  154. Bhanda Sarathi ra mundaru bala chanchhi ta mundare chunakala dei galare gamuchha pakei taku rasta re ghosari ghosari ,moladuare anthukupa mari mari jel re pureiba darakara.A sala ra rasalila karibaku bahuta mana achhi,tenu ahara aau gote bhahaghara karideba darakara.

  155. Mu news7 ku bahut dhanyabaad dauchi.jaha pain aaji ete bada bhanda ra bhandami padaku aasila.taku emiti danda miliba darkar jemiti aau kau baba emiti na karanti.lokonku emiti kahibi trust yourself,nt to this bhanda baba’s

  156. Sarathi should be forcibly put in road cleaning zones so that he can show his devotions this way.


  158. kendra pada basi and moro all bhai and sister ku anurodh bhanda sarathi ashram ku kuanasi bhanga ruja karantu nahi taha actual public property sarkar tahaku any college ,office or any public ra use for chinta karantu.

  159. odisha basi odiya mananku mora etiki anurodh semane sahajare kaunasi kotha ku grahana na kori ta bisayare bholo bhabore bujhi bichari chinta kori biswas korontu nochet ehi bholia bhanda jete alasua sabu baba hei emiti thoku tibe.bhagaban ek ebon sarbtra tenu nija bhagaban ku nije chinhi taku hin puja korontu ebon biswas korontu.jibanore kebe thokibe nahin.tenu e bholia bhogo bilasi babanku uchit ru uchit danda dei BABA manonka samrajya sampurna lop kariba darkar hele jai “RAMA RAJYA ” feribo ehi biswa darbar re.

  160. My heartily thanks to news7 for exposing bhanda sarathi.i would like to thank bhabani sir, sribachha sir,bibhuti sir,manoj sir,deepak sir,niraj bhai and all the team.keep it up

  161. there should be perfectly inquiry of this mis happens then after action should be taken that will be justified . its my sugession not to belive any one without analysis.but we can not avoid the spiritual person in society as there awarenes required for equilibriam of society . mind it.

  162. This Sarathi baba is just a big fkkk……..these are the people who are proven as calamities in our nation……this bastard should be given adequate punishment……. and people should be made understand that there is nothing like God………the only God is truth and truth leads to salvation

  163. Jagannath achhanti sarathira bichara karibaku emiti aauri kichhibi loka achhanti jhia Manka saha with loka Manku thakauchanti Mora anurodha sarathiku emiti danda diajau jau loka emiti Kharap kama karuchi se kichhi sikhya payeiba and Kharap kama karibaku jemiti dariba

  164. prathama bhul hela loka manankra, jete bele thakibe sete bele kahibe ki aaam saha emiti hela aama saha semiti hela,are jadi ete bhakti dekheiba re achhi ta ye baba mananka pakhare dekhei kan labha , ghare bapa maa , nija parivar aau desa basinka pratidekhao,,,babankara kan abasyaka ………

  165. sarathi baba upare proper investigation kari tanku danda dia jau.

    tankar chaeting a samaj upare bahut prabhab pakei ba

  166. Ethire bhanda sarathira jetiki dosa besi dosa taku sahajoga karuthiba lokamankara, se stri heu ki purusa emananku khoji kathinaru kathinatara danda diaa jiba uchita, nahele ahauri kete bhanda sarathi baharibe, saratbhai ki ta phasi deba darakara 100 %,please please Ethire samprukta thiba stri lokamananku khoji bahara karajiba uchita, mor samastanku anurodh ghare bapa maa rupi bhagban achhanti tankatharu sansarare kehi bada nahanti, semanku puja kara dekhiba jete samasaya sabu dura hoijiba, e bhanda pakhandi mananka pakharu durare ruha, may god bless you all(. Jugal)

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