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Sarthak hunts for actresses with ‘Mu Bi Heroine Hebi’

In a bid to spot new talents from Odisha, Sarthak TV has launched a new reality show that aims to provide an opportunity to Odia girls across the state to join the Ollywood (odia film industry) directly.

Mu Bi Heroine Hebi (I can be a Heroine), a one-of-its-kind TV show that has never been attempted in the industry, is meant to be a stepping-stone for aspiring actresses to make a mark on the silver screen.

Three male leads of Sarthak Entertainment Group’s next film ‘Raghupati Raghava Rajaram’ will tour Odisha in search of their respective heroines.

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While the shoot of the reality show would begin towards July end, the film will be shot and edited within three months thereafter.

The actors will select 12 girls from across the state based on various criteria, while leading filmmakers will bring the list down to three.

The release date of the film is scheduled for January 1 next year.

The three actors are Member of Parliament and noted actor Siddhanta Mohapatra, Pupinder and Debasish.

Mu Bi Heroine Hebi on Sarthak TV

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