This short film called ‘One More Selfie’ is a real eye opener

Some Odia guys have made a beautiful short film called ‘One More Selfie’, which is a real eye opener. The short film stars Swapna Pati in lead role and it is directed by Sushant Panda.

Virtual world has really turned things around for us. Something that merely started out to make the human life ‘easy’ has now become the reason for most of the complications in our lives.

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The constant addiction to social media has created more loss than we can comprehend. The biggest issue is the way our idea of ‘self image’ has changed.

From being confident individuals, people now rely on the number of ‘likes’, ‘comments’ and ‘acceptance’ they get by friends and family on social media to know their self worth.

‘Fame’ and ‘Popularity’ seem to matter much more than integrity these days. From being a world that was supposed to inform and upgrade our knowledge, the virtual world is now known more for its fake imposters, ‘like addicts’ and cheap stalkers.

short film One More Selfie

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