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Six healthy alternatives to our favourite Maggi noodles

With Maggi is banned in Odisha, here are a few healthy alternatives to our favourite instant noodles. Not that they taste like Maggi, but you can try making the following recipes instead of the 2-minute snack.

Upma – This delicious snack from South India is a family favourite. It takes 7-10 minutes to prepare and contains health benefits of rava (sooji) or semolina, along with the vegetables you choose to add. The options are endless; you can make it with onions, peas and carrots one day, or with bell peppers and corn the next. If you’re really craving that Maggi fix, replace the sooji with roasted vermicelli and make the upma. It actually tastes better than Maggi!

Maggi alternatives

Poha – Poha is an easily digestible, highly energising and satisfying breakfast option. The delicious snack is rich in iron and carbohydrate. Poha is also packed with various vitamins and minerals, and has low gluten levels. Mixed vegetables can also be added to increase the vitamins, minerals and fibres. Addition of green peas, soya nuggets and peanuts would make it a well-balanced and a high-protein meal.

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Khichdi – Moong dal khichdi, made in ghee, is a healthy, comfort food. It will take more time than Maggi, but it will definitely satiate your hunger. When you do not have time to prepare any elaborate meals, but want something healthy, then Khichdi is a great option. Even doctors recommend khichdi to patients. in ayurveda, moong is one lentil which is recommended for balancing all three doshas (kapha, pitta & vata).

Dosa – A staple food item of South India, Dosas are a delicious option for a quick snack. Each dosa takes less than a minute to make and is an excellent source of carbohydrates and proteins. Irrespective of the type of dosa, the dish is an extraordinary source of all kinds of nutrients. Dosas can be made healthier by using Ragi, Oats or Semolina flour for their preparation.

Sandwich – Toasted sandwiches filled with vegetables are a delectable snack, which take no more than five minutes to make. What makes these sandwiches healthy are the nourishing vegetables packed in them. The cucumbers are a fantastic source of vitamin B and they help the body eliminate toxins. They also reduce the rate of cancer. Tomatoes are a good source of vitamin C, vitamin E, potassium and dietary fibre. They also prevent chronic diseases.

Jhal Muri – Masala Muri is a quick and easy-to-make snack, with an exciting burst of flavour in each mouthful. The reason bhel is a healthy snack, is because of its nutritious ingredients. The gluten free puffed rice is an excellent source of vitamin B and the onions added to the bhel not only add crunch but also contribute to healthy skin and are also great for fighting cancer and blood pressure.

Hopefully these six quick-to-make snack recipes will help you get over your longing for Maggi in the healthiest way possible.

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