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Sona Mohapatra finally said on ‘Rangabati’ song controversy

Singer Sona Mohapatra is undeterred by police complaints against her for her rendition of Sambalpuri cult song ‘Rangabati’ in MTV Coke Studio, saying her intention was not to hurt anyone but to bring her home state Odisha into the spotlight.

The Odisha-born singer, who grew up listening to the classic song, on Thursday said her intentions were genuine when she chose to reinterpret the popular number.

“I am just saddened and it is just hurtful. The intention was not to hurt anyone, least of all, the people I want to pay homage to. We got a beautiful opportunity in Coke Studio, which is a cross-cultural platform where different cultures merge with modern music to reach out to a whole different audience,” Sona Mohapatra told IANS.

Watch video: Sona Mohapatra and Rituraj Mohanty singing Rangabati in Coke Studio

“I am not going to say sorry to anyone because I am not sorry for presenting my roots. I am very proud of my land and I want to bring such more Odia songs to the mainstream music. In four days, the video has hit one million views and a lot of love, affection and pride has come my way. And for a few people who are upset by it, I don’t want to kill the celebration that is around the song,” she added.

Rangabati – the popular Sambalpuri song was written by Mitrabhanu Gauntia and composed by Prabhudatta Pradhan and originally sung by Jitendra Haripal and Krishna Patel. It has been recreated in many Indian languages.

The Coke Studio version of the song has reached a staggering 1,186,016 views in just six days and Sona said this has led to the recognition of Sambalpuri folk at a larger level.

Sona Mohapatra Rangabati song

“Overall, people have written that it has united Odias. Bengalis to Punjabis to Malayalis have written that they can’t understand it but they love it. They were not even aware of Sambalpuri folk as a folk form. I think I am introducing my home land to the rest of the world and if there are issues with that, they’ll get resolved. I am just looking for them to get resolved,” Sona Mohapatra concluded.

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  1. sona said many views, love affection & pride because all enjoyed that song, if a young girl going on the road in a bare body many people will enjoy but her family & relatives will get hurt. same way our odia anthem bande utkala janani became like bare body but rangabati song is okbecause it is a local folk song. the way they presented is not good. if any one will do with our national anthem jana gana mana like this then all nation will come against it.so think before doing something

  2. In rangbati return some word are wroungly prnounced.if i think this are be corected.it must be good. Over all i like song.being odia i appreciated sona mohapatra & rituraj mohanty for their contributation

  3. pitty on people … who gave complaint … i think you did a great job Sona.. Keep it up 🙂 we are waiting for more !!

  4. First you should know Sambalpuri pronouncention than sing sambalpuri song

  5. U get ur english right first. It’s Pronunciation…. Not pronouncention.. Bade aaye galti nikalne waale

  6. u did a very good job sona ma’m..i really enjoyed the song..and i am proud to be an odia..

  7. the younger generation is creating a new version of the song n we should be proud of our kids .those who are filing cases I think should be aware that the younger lawyers this state is producing can fight back n beat the old

  8. Really I feel so proud, after 4 yr we listen odia track on coke studio. Becoz maximum language’s songs r played in this studio n finally odisha’s most popular song Rangabati n Bande utkala janani r played ,,, thank u Sona Mahapatra n Rituraj Mohanty…bola jae to kuch logo ko na jalan hota or wo seh nehi pate , movie copy kare song copy kare music copy kare or faltu type direction de wo sahi he lekin agar koi apna state ki language ka gana international level pe pahuncha raha he to wo galat he…lots of thanx Ram Sampath ji keep it up…

  9. thank you so much @sona..you make us feel proud to be an odia..we are realy proud of you.

  10. It is another form of presentation. I appreciate it for the innovation. Did you find this is wrong because of orchestra or dress code? Bande utkala janani is not a state anthem and people are open to present to inspire others. I felt proud.

  11. first of all i would like to say you both sona and ritu you both are my fan and i have listened your song in youtube there is no such bad offence to odisha state rather odiaha people should proud of that but you know how is our odisha state, neither they grow nor they couldn’t want to see grow,
    when i was watching your Rangabati and Ritu Bhai Bande Utkal Janani , at that time i was feel proud thanks for bringing this song to Whole World,
    whoever complaint against to you that they just like Frog inside the water, well i dont want to say anything wrong about my odisha
    Nobody can stop you Sona mam,
    Bande Utkal Janani

  12. Hello Mr. Sahoo,

    Please do not dare to teach us what is right or wrong.
    I will say u r not afraid st will happen when a girl come to road without any cloth. U have fear that what will happen when the lady come out to public from whom people like u have taken away the cloths of pride, glory, sweetness and intelligence.
    I hv little doubt either u r one of the financier or producer to few cheap literature album industry.
    so don’t as as a traditional “Odisha Kannada”
    None can stop this generation to represent Odisha and Her culture with highest value to world.
    Sons has done a wonderful job with blessings from goddess Saraswathi

  13. Thank u sonaji nd Rituraj for this lovely song. Nd one thing I would like to add that there r so many versions of this song, at that time, what these people were doing. Nd today when someone presents internationally with a genuine cause, pulling legs…
    keep it up, nd we r expecting too much from you…

  14. rangabati remake is realy beautyfull song by sona jee and rituraaj …and verry verry thankfull for mr ram sampath ….

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