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Sonu song in Odia by Papu Pom Pom and other Youtube channels

The Odia version of viral ‘Sonu song’ released by Papu Pom Pom and other Youtube channels. Have you heard the original Sonu song, which has inspired these versions?

The Sonu Song was loved and used by everyone from commoners to vent about their lost love to the radio channels who are trying to highlight various issues. With hardly any details about its origin, the Sonu Sonu is one catchy tune with a mysterious past.

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The actual origin of Sonu song is unknown but many claim that Ajay Kshirsagar is the man who has penned this song and his video song is responsible for this viral sensation.

The creation of this viral song is an interesting tale. Ajay came up with the idea of composing the song after his brother forwarded a short clip of him on WhatsApp which was a type of a picnic song which he decided to work upon.

He wrote the catchy lyrics ‘Sonu Tuza Mazyavar Bharosa Nahi Kay’ which translates to ‘Sonu, don’t you trust me?’ with the music given by Ajay Kshirsagar and Chadan Kamble. Meanwhile, the female singer who is the first to ask her lover, ‘Sonu don’t you trust me?’ is none other than his wife, Bhagyashali.

The first question that pops into every listener’s mind is, Who is Sonu? Ajay then revealed the original Sonu in interviews to Marathi TV channels, saying it’s his wife, Bhagyashali who calls him Sonu lovingly.

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