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SP Satish Gajbhiye suspended for police excesses on people

Controversial former Kendrapada SP Satish Gajbhiye suspended today.

A day ahead of the deadline given by the High Court Bar Association and the two major political parties in the state, Odisha government has suspended Gajbhiye for police excesses on people who were protesting the arrest of self-proclaimed god-man Sarathi Baba in Kendrapada on August 6-7.

He has been suspended following an inquiry report of IG. The report found him guilty on three counts – using excessive force against the demonstrators, inappropriate behaviour with the public and violation of the code of conduct for all India services – the sources added.

It remains to be seen, however, if a mere suspension would satisfy those calling for his arrest and initiation of criminal proceedings against him.

Satish Gajbhiye SP

The BJP has already rejected the government’s action. “Suspension is no punishment. We had demanded his arrest and institution of criminal proceedings against him and we shall not rest till that happens,” thundered senior party leader Samir Mohanty.

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