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Sriya-Swati-Stutee Cineplexx opens in Bhubaneswar smart city

Smart city Bhubaneswar’s popular Sriya-Swati-Stutee cine complex now renovated and opened with a new look as Sriya-Swati-Stutee Cineplexx.

They have collaborated with Cineplexx and opened new lobby for Swati and Stutee hall. The atmosphere and facilities are at par with any multiplex in Bhubaneswar.

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As per the management very soon Audi will be renovated with push back seats, gallery type auditorium, recliners, Dolby Atmos with 2K-3D Digital Projection and many other features.

The competition is very high in Bhubaneswar now. Earlier, Maharaja has renovated and now a popular destination for cine-goers.

After the opening of Cinepolis and INOX in various corners of Bhubaneswar, people have many options. Thus, old halls are bound to renovate their property. PVR also coming soon in Bhubaneswar.

Sriya-Swati-Stutee Cineplexx

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