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Subhalaxmi death case, viral mms video behind suicide murder

Subhalaxmi death case: Latest news came in the Subhalaxmi Sahu death case. Reliable sources claim that the police have seized a viral MMS video from the deceased’s mobile phone. Police speculate that the girl may have killed herself out of worry that the video would damage her reputation.

She has been getting threats from a particular number. The chats from the other side have been deleted, but the deceased’s chats are still on her phone, which deepens the suspense. The State Forensic Science Laboratory (SFSL) in Bhubaneswar received the phone for further examination.

The police have questioned who the young person in the video is. Who is the videographer? Was Subhalaxmi the target of extortion as a result of the video? Who is in charge of managing her Instagram account is still unknown.

Subhalaxmi’s body was discovered in a hotel room in Bhubaneswar six days ago, but the investigation into how she died is still ongoing.

The deceased’s uncle Rajendra Padhi, and her two suspected lovers, Anil and Sanjay, are all being investigated by the police. Rajendra has already acknowledged having a pub encounter with her. But three months before her passing, the deceased stopped speaking with her uncle. The case has grown enigmatic as a result.

“We already questioned her relatives and everyone else who was connected to her. However, we have not yet determined why she took such an extreme step,” Bhubaneswar DCP Prateek Singh told reporters on Thursday.

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