Dr Subodh Patnaik passed away – Dialogue and screenplay writer

Dr Subodh Patnaik, eminent dialogue and screenplay writer of Ollywood and theatre, passed away today of cardiac arrest.

Notably, Patnaik, a doctor by profession had a huge contribution to the Odia film industry and penned scripts for 60 movies and many television serials.

He died at his residence. Reportedly, Dr Subodh Patnaik (70) is survived by his wife and two daughters.

He started his career as a dialogue writer in Brajaraj Movies’ Danda Balunga (1984) and went on to script many super hit films, which include Sabu Mayare Baya, Janani, Jai Phoola, Jaga Hatare Pagha, Sankha Sindura, Sahari Bagha, Mamata Mage Mula, Baje Bainsi Nache Ghungura, Chaka Bhaunri, Aei Ta Duniya, Thili Jhia Heli Bohu, Pua Mora Kala Thakura, Mamata Ra Dori, Chaka Akhi Sabu Dekhuchi, Bidhi Ra Bidhana, To Binu Anya Gati Nahin and many others.

He was known for his commercial and punch-packed dialogues. His association and unique bonding with Akshaya Mohanty is a golden page in annals of Odia film industry.

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Dr Subodh Patnaik

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