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Tanka Torani sale banned at Ananda Bazar in Jagannath temple

Puri Jagannath temple administration has imposed restriction on sale of Tanka Torani and Rabidi at Ananda Bazar of the shrine.

The ban order remained in force from Friday. The temple authorities will carry out raid at Ananda Bazar (market place of Mahaprasad). A notice has been issued by Shree Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA) prohibiting sale of Tanka Torani (mixture of curd, water rice, lemon leaves and green chilly) and Rabidi (Indian dessert made from milk).

Besides, the SJTA also restricted selling of Mahaprasad on road and on temple premises. It also directed that any minor could not be engaged in selling Abadha (prasad) on premises of the temple.

The temple administration also prohibited entry of youths who help in selling Abadha of different suara servitors at Ananda Bazar. The entry of persons who ask for money from devotees was also prohibited on the premises of Mahaprasad selling market.

According to reports, a squad formed by the temple administration earlier will raid Ananda Bazar continuously. Stringent action will be taken against the person in violation of the order.

However, the new rule by the temple administration disappoints the servitors in the temple. ALSO READ: Odisha targets Rs 20000 crore investments in tourism sector

Tanka Torani ban

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