Train passengers with unconfirmed tickets can fly on Air India

Train passengers with unconfirmed tickets will now be able to fly Air India flights at the fare that will be similar to AC first class fares of trains, The Economic Times has reported.

In a new agreement between Air India and Indian Railways, rail passengers of AC compartments will be given the choice to take an AI flight if their tickets do not get confirmed. While first class passengers need not pay any extra charges, second and third class passengers will have to pay an additional Rs 1,500-2,000 to convert their ticket.

“Any passenger, who could not get a confirmed ticket, will be given option of booking in Air India flights over the next 24 hours. The fares will be AC first fares for AC first class passengers and AC II passengers will be charged AC II fares plus Rs 1,500,” Air India Chairman and Managing Director Ashwani Lohani said.

“The facility is, as of now, being launched for Rajdhani trains. The option will be provided depending on the availability of seats. If an aircraft has 10 vacant seats, we would offer them on a first-come-first-serve basis,” he added.

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“An airline seat is a perishable commodity. An empty seat is lost forever once the aircraft takes off. So, this makes business sense. Trains have a long waiting list so it’s a win-win situation both for the airline and the travelling public,” said aviation expert Rajji Rai.

Odisha railway train image

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