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Utkala Dibasa musical video by Susmita Das and Bibhuti Bhusan

On the occasion of Utkala Dibasa, singer Susmita Das released a new musical video dedicated to our motherland Odisha. Bibhuti Bhusan Gadnayak composed the song, which is written by Bharadwaj Panda.

“I am presenting this song on the occasion of ‘Utkal Divas’ to infuse self-belief and self-respect particularly amongst the youth of the State; that we had excelled in all the fields in the past and do have the capability to do so now and we don’t have to beseech support from anybody,” said Susmita Das.

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Bharadwaj Panda has beautifully conveyed the theme in this song. Bibhuti Bhusan has made the music arrangements using traditional instruments like – Khanjani, Dhuduki, Ukulele and modern instruments like guitar based on a time-tested tune of the soil. Rudra Prasad Mohapatra and Rajesh Ranjan Mohanty have imaginatively produced the video.

The song ‘Utkala Dibasa’ is a beautiful number, sung by Susmita Das, composed by Bibhuti Bhusan Gadnayak and written by Bharadwaj Panda (Julu). Watch Utkala Dibasa video song here.

Utkala Dibasa musical video

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