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Watch this beautiful Odia short film released on Valentine’s day

A group of Odisha boys made a beautiful Odia short film and released it on this Valentine’s day. The movie is titled as ‘My First and Last Valentine’ and uploaded to DreamScheme youtube channel.

Screenplay, Direction, Cinematography & Editing – Sidharth Goutam
Written & Associate Directed by- Pranab Prasanna Rath
Star Cast – Subhashree Padhiary, Dipanwit Dashmohapatra, Swagat Nayak, Prgyandipta, Suraj Muduli, Priyankesh, Sidharth Goutam, Priyanka Das, Swati Pattanaik, Sumit Panda, Mushraf Ahmad, Swati Suman, Aishwarya, Pranab Anand Khilar, Sangram Kochiary, Rohan Yadav, Priyanka Priyadarshnee, Manisha Mohanty, Pranab Prasanna Rath, Ishani Panda, Abinash Sahoo & Sarmistha

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The Valentine’s Day which is better known as the day of international love, attracts a lot of hate organisations who find different ways and means to harass the young couples celebrating their love on different locations.

On the eve of Valentine’s day Bajrang Dal has warned the youth to stay away from celebrating Valentine’s Day in any form. Just like every year, this year also moral policing will take place on 14th of Feb, where youth will be facing harassments on celebrating the occasion. Bajrang Dal activists do not believe in celebrating Valentine’s Day, rather according to them it is against the Indian culture.

This is not the first time that such warnings have been given to the youngsters, even last year the activists of this organisation assaulted and misbehaved with the youth on celebrating valentine’s day.

Valentine's Day Odia Short Film

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