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Video: Criminals use Biscuits, Water to drug Train Passengers

This is a must watch video for train passengers made in collaboration with Railway Protection Force, East Coast Railway.

Shot at Bhubaneswar Railway Station and created by Three IT professionals – Dilshad Ayubi, Simant Lenka and Debabrata Debnath, this four minute video exposes how drug-and-rob gangs use biscuits and water to drug innocent train travellers.

Team received inputs from Railway officers of about different ways in which criminals use to drug passengers. This video is a part of full movie titled “Movie for a Cause” which has been officially approved by Indian Railways to play on LCDs of selected railway stations all over India.

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Odisha new train

According to railway officials, biscuit gangs have changed their tactics in beguiling passengers. These days, they offer biscuits from a packet which would have a certain number of drug coated ones. For example, they would consume the top half of the biscuits, which are safe, and offer the drug-laced ones, which are at the end of the pack, to passengers.

Do watch and share it widely in interest of public safety.

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