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Visit Bhubaneswar website to help new visitors in Smart city

The Smart city Bhubaneswar administration will introduce a one-of-its-kind portal Visit Bhubaneswar for its visitors. The website will be a digital tourist guide to help one roam around the city.

The one-stop information portal, to be enabled with a satellite map of the city, will navigate visitors to various tourist places and provide detailed information about the sites.

The Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation and the tourism department will jointly develop the website. “We have already started compiling the data of the tourist sites, and these will be incorporated on the website in a digital format,” said a tourism department official.

According to the department’s data, Khurda houses 19 important visiting sites, including the Khandagiri and Udaygiri caves, Dhauli, Atri, Banpur, Nadankanan, Jaydev Kenduli, Chilika, Balipatna, Barunei, Hirapur, Rameswar, Salia Dam and Baberi Hills, Mundipara, Gadamantari and Bhusandapur among others.

“Bhubaneswar or Khurda at large does have a number of visiting sites. Most of them are unexplored as those are confined to the local population only. Such beautiful sites should be promoted rigorously, and it can be done only through such digital tool,” said Patia resident Nayantara Maharana.

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Visit Bhubaneswar website

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