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Voice Of Odisha Junior episode 18

Watch 18th episode video of Voice Of Odisha Junior, singing talent hunt show from Tarang TV here.

Reality Show – Voice Of Odisha Junior
Year – 2014
Episode – 18
Channel – Tarang TV
Judges – Goodly Rath, Tapu Mishra, Pami
Anchors – Loria and Biswajit
Type – Singing talent hunt show

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  1. The short-listing & selection of Worst Six ( according to audience perception) and Best Six ( as per Judges’ Error of Judgement) of out of total 1300 participants speaks volumes of your declining quality, eroding credibility. The ” Voice of Odisha” programme instead of spotting,nurturing and developing budding talents has lost its inner voice by promoting poor performers. If such poor performer becomes the ” Voice of Odisha”,it will invite disrepute and demotivation to Odisha’s real languishing talent. It’s time for the Producer, Director & Judges to rethink, and redesign the programme format in future.

  2. This is only a farce. The so called singers except Smaranika only sings in one zoner- especially Rajib, is he sings song to be actual voice of Odisha or to be voice of melody programmes ?

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