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WiFi at Bhubaneswar Biju Patnaik Airport, first 30 minutes free

Now Odisha’s Bhubaneswar Biju Patnaik Airport offers 24-hour WiFi internet services to passengers. Fliers can now access the Internet as they wait to take their flight.

Bharti Infratel Limited has signed a seven-year contract with the Bhubaneswar airport to provide the facility and Wi-Fi service has been introduced for passengers both at the domestic (T1) and international (T2) terminals of the airport.

Both the departing and arriving passengers can now avail themselves of the service after getting a coupon from the airport terminal manager. One has to go through the instructions written on the coupon to login, and thereafter, can use a free service up to 30 minutes either on a smart phone, tablet or a laptop.

After the expiry of the free session for 30 minutes, a user has to pay Rs 20 for the next 30 minutes and then Rs 30 per hour. The users would have to make the payment online.

The project started at an expense of Rs 20 lakhs will offer 10 Mbps speed to the users and 800 users can use this service simultaneously.

Bhubaneswar Airport wifi

The WiFi internet service will be a great benefit for travellers and tourists as they prefer to browse for cab services, hotels, maps and engage in social media and business applications during the waiting period at airports.

Introduction of the facility has made fliers happy.

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